She Took the Stairs. I Cried Like a Baby.

During the last cycle of #PSPfit Boot Camp someone left a comment in our private facebook group that had me in tears. Every time I read her post its like a warm hug. I’m going to share that post with you today and when you read it, you will understand the heart of #PSPfit. I’ll let Nadia’s beautiful words take it from here– she says:

Warning: super long post with feelings

Ladies, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for everything. I just finished the last ‪#‎PSPfit‬ call, and I cannot even begin to share with you what this group means to me. As an absent participant from the virtual face
time (I’m international), I figured that I would not be able to get the benefit from the group but I wanted to try anyway and I am so grateful that I did and so honored to have virtually met y’all! Thank you does not seem like enough, and I mean it wholly.

As an Asian girl growing up in the old-school world of thin and marriageable, it has taken me a LOT to be happy with my body.

I was lucky to come into this group after years of learning to accept myself and loving my fashion and style despite its size.

I forced myself to post selfies on IG to try to improve how I saw myself every day. Having a mother who looks like she is 21 who doesn’t hit triple digits on the scales and TWO sisters who are models can seriously mess with your self confidence despite all of the body love in the world.

Loving fashion and following designers obsessively doesn’t help either. I know this. I absolutely wanted to be the healthiest version of myself that I could, and I was just tired of being tired. So I joined this group, in the middle of a challenging professional moment in my life and global travel, I decided I would go for it. All in.

I wandered between meetings and airports in different countries, and I popped into our facebook group to see the encouragement and positivity. On Monday afternoons, I would catch up on the call and find out what struggles you had been going through.

Unashamedly I will admit that the stories of struggle, of fear, of stress, and all of your whys did make me emotional. I frowned, I cried at some of your stories, I laughed every time Abra cursed, and I still always left the call feeling hopeful.

You clearly were able to keep the love and positivity around something most of us do not like to talk about. I remember avoiding a bread basket at work, declining some cheesecake while thinking about this group. Every single decision got easier when I was able to quickly check in here and be part of this uplifting virtual environment. At night, when I only had two hours between meetings, I walked outside into the mountainous outdoors and chilly air and walked because you were doing it with negative temperatures and snowdrifts that I still cannot believe are real.

Eventually I ran a little bit, and a little bit more. Trapped in conference rooms for 12 hours, eating three meals with the same people day in and day out, I had days where I craved many unhealthy indulgences, and I thought back to the meditation guides and grabbed a cup of decaf herbal tea and took cleansing breaths in the 6×6 spaces to stay positive. I challenged my colleagues to 1k steps between major stretches of meetings, and we walked around the top of our building enjoying the mediterranean air, and I thought of this of you with children, with dependents who needed you, who were making the time for this.

One day, I took the stairs all eight flights up and down between every meeting in my work heels because I knew that on the other side of the world, some of you were carrying tired babies up stairs after a long day of work while I had the luxury of just carrying my own self. It was a lot less hard to take selfies, and I even sent one of myself in my workout clothes to my husband, where I usually run like the dickens to change before anyone sees me in them. I actually weighed myself on the airport suitcase kiosk before flights so I knew how I was doing, and once planked through an entire 15 minute meeting in my hotel room. The wall squats during meetings are a lot harder, but I’m working on my time there 😉

I felt stronger and better and like a better version of myself. Not only was I happier and doing better, I was a better friend, colleague, and wife from over 10k miles away and I was excited to see everyone in person again!

My next trip takes me to a place where I don’t speak the language and the food will be more complex to manage, but I feel that I can do it. The learnings from this group and the constant positivity have shown me that if you find a good support family, then you are set. I think I have found that here. Not only am I more fit and 15 pounds lighter, but I also feel emotionally more fit and lighter and I am happy to say that this group has been a huge part of making that happen for me. THANK YOU and I am so honored to be part of your #PSPfit journeys.


Aren’t her words just beautiful? This is the reason we do #PSPfit cycle after cycle. You wont find a more compassionate, committed, caring group of women. We go further on our healthy curves journey because we do it together. I hope that today is the day that you push past your personal hurdles and walk with us.

The doors for #PSPfit Boot Camp Close on Friday, April 24th at 11:59pm. To unlock your #PSPfit Boot Camp Invitation, Click Here


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15 thoughts on “She Took the Stairs. I Cried Like a Baby.”

  1. Ahhh I was not committed last time but between this and Abra’s e-mail and a renewed mindset, I’m SOLD!!! Are any bonuses still available?


    Ahhh I was not committed last time but between this and Abra’s e-mail and a renewed mindset, I’m SOLD!!! Are any bonuses still available?

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