Questioning “More to Love”… Episode 1

I really wasn’t planning on watching More to Love, but last night all of the PSP’s at were watching it and commenting and… I felt left out!

I definitely wasn’t planning on talking about More to Love on TBGB, but when I woke up this morning, the entry I had planned on posting was having technical difficulties, so… I thought maybe it was a sign that I should at least mention that I watched it, because maybe you guys watched it too and if you did watch it… maybe you can answer some questions I have:

  • Are women on other dating shoes (i.e. The Bachelor) required to list their height and weight?
  • Did the women seem to promote lonely fat girl stereotypes? (“I have a big heart”, “I have so much love to give”, “I’ve never been on a date”, “This is my only chance to find someone”)
  • Where was the racial diversity in the show?
  • Will the women continue to cry during every confessional?
  • Was anyone surprised that the majority of the “smaller” women were chosen first?


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  1. I watched this show and was totally disappointed! #1 I thought the same thing…the girls on the Bachelor do not list their height/weight, even if it's required for pre-show stuff…I was hoping it wouldn't be about weight per se or even food, but of course they brought the whole food thing out too. #2 YES! The girls were totally like, poor me, poor me…I've never had a date…and I was thinking…how is that possible? The girls were really pretty! #3 No racial diversity at all, but I think that a lot w/all dating shows #4 I wondered why they're all crying too…give me a break #5 I honestly didn't notice too much that the "smaller" girls were chosen first. It really irritated me that they had thse chicks on there saying this was their "last chance" or "last attempt" how desperate are these girls?

  2. Well I could watch a few minutes of it and I was already upset. It saddens me to see them display the weight and for what reason I do not know. Then you have these women with so much low self esteem you could hear crying every second. Of course the skinner women would be called first because it's eye pleasing to the viewers, which I don't agree with! This show is sick!

  3. i didn't even watch the show, i already knew what it was going to be like and I knew I wouldn't be able to stomach it.

    Reality shows as a general rule seek to exploit weaknesses of others…remember, ratings is the name of the game not improving folks' self esteem…

    i just hope that people don't think that every plus gal is like these women. stuff like this is frustrating. but hopefully having it out in the open will begin conversations that will better educate the curvy community and society as a whole.

  4. * Are women on other dating shoes (i.e. The Bachelor) required to list their height and weight?

    No they are not, but this show is marketed to show for bigger people, I am glad that they had the weight on there, because when I seen the pictures of the girls I didn't think that any were even close to being over 200 pounds, so its good to know that there really are some bigger girls.

    * Did the women seem to promote lonely fat girl stereotypes? ("I have a big heart", "I have so much love to give", "I've never been on a date", "This is my only chance to find someone")

    I didn't find it too bad, the crying was a little extreme, but I am sure that there are some girls that really hit some sensitive feelings while being interviewed. I am sure they left out a lot of the interview, to make for better television. I have to say that i didn't go on a date until I was in my mid 20's and since then I have only been on 3, so I totally understand what they are saying. I have a lot of bbw friends that I have met online, and my friends in bigger city's tend to date more often then us in smaller towns.

    * Where was the racial diversity in the show?

    I think that they did well with the race, the bulk of girls were white, but I think that is the way it is on most of those dating shows, they match up with the "dater"

    * Will the women continue to cry during every confessional?

    I really hope not. I hope that they gain some confidence.

    * Was anyone surprised that the majority of the "smaller" women were chosen first?

    I didn't notice the size of the girls that he was choosing. Wish I had it recorded.

  5. You know exactly how I feel about this show, I spazzed on Twitter and then ranted on my blog. I know soooo many women that tried out for the show and none of them were picked, in my head TRUE CONFIDENCE must have been the 1st thing that made a producer say no. No show ever shoes a girls weight and height, it would be taboo on other shows but on MTL I guess they thought it should make a difference. (uggh). Besides Flavor of Love and the other minstrel shows on VH1 there isn't much diversity on dating shows so that didn't surprise me much. The tears made me upset- these ladies seemed to have allowed their weight to dictate their life and that was just too much for me. Yes, dating could be harder for a big girl but to "never" do this or "never" do that… give me a break. One guy, 20 girls… and their "last chance", please…

  6. I couldn't even watch the show because I was so disgusted within the first five minutes. Posting a girl's height and weight along with her name and age? Ridiculous. And with the girls talking about how "this might be their only chance for love"–come on now, really? Is this big girl empowerment, or are we trying to guilt plus size ladies into feeling like they have to diet to be loved?

  7. I noticed that height and weight business to, and all I found myself doing was comparing myself- is that what I look like, is that what I look like?
    I know you asked other questions but can I just say that jumping in a pool with your clothes on is not cool. It's stupid, and seemingly desperate. Im pretty sure there were other ways to set herself apart from the pack without resorting to gimmicks.
    That was enough for me. Perhaps Ill tune in to see who he picks, but not really interested in watching the show.

  8. When I saw the show More to Love being announced, I said finally a show for real women about real women. I was glad to see that the media is finally realizing that not all of us are a size 2 or even 8. Then I began to watch to show. Then I started getting disappointed. Disappointed as to how these women are so catty with each other over one man. ONE MAN! There is nothing wrong about going for something that you want, or a man that you want, but c'mon why be so vicious about it. Or be so weak and vulnerable that if he doesn't pick you seems like your life would be over. It's okay to love, but not as if your life depended on it. Where is your sense of self? Your sense of strength? Dependent on another human being…? I think not. The only good thing I saw in this show was when the Fitness Instructor said that a lot of us do the right things to be healthy and take care of ourselves (me being one of them), but we are just not a size 2. When the Cabaret Entertainer was voted off, I enjoyed hearing her say she would not swap, switch or change anything about her; that there is nothing wrong with her.
    For who knows what reason I tuned in for episode 2. Oh my, the cattiness! Criticizing other women over their age, saying they look like an otter in the water, or simply saying I don't care about these women and their feelings, I'm here to get my man. That's exactly the kind of woman I don't wish to be associated with, nor the kind of woman I'd like to be seen as. All women possess their own beauty and we are capable of so much! As women we should respect and empower each other. Not gnaw at each other as if we were pit bulls in a dog fighting ring. Well, I think I've said enough for now. Good luck to these women and may they find "love" and salvation.

  9. I watched the first episode for the first & last time. As much as I'd love to support the show on showcasing beautiful plus size women, I was underwhelmed by the antics of the show. I wondered why the show wanted to showcase the girls height/weight, when its obvious their plus size. Majority of all the girls displayed low self esteem cuz every 30 seconds someone had "never been in love", "didn't go to the prom cuz they were fat", "never been on a real date", "love me for me"..and that was redundant within the first 20 minutes of the show!Every other person was crying, which was annoying so I can't stomach watching another episode. There weren't any racial diversity at all. Just because he's a white man, doesn't mean he should be limited to all ethnicities..big, beautiful women come in all colors! And No, I actually didn't notice the smaller ones getting chosen first.

  10. I’ve never heard of this show. I tend to tune out anything “reality.” Oh, TV. What will you think of next to make us feel worse about ourselves?

  11. I’ve never heard of this show. I tend to tune out anything “reality.” Oh, TV. What will you think of next to make us feel worse about ourselves?

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