#PSPfit is now Curve Method

Hi Doll guess what?!

#PSPfit is back!

As a plus size girl, I’m confident that I will never be rail thin, at the same time, being fit, active, healthy and motivated is very important to me.

A few years ago, I started a community for healthy curves at every size called #PSPfit. We would do virtual workouts and sometimes meet up in person.

At the same time that #PSPfit was growing… so did theCURVYcon. theCURVYcon’s wild success pretty much eclipsed #PSPfit so I put my healthy curves community on pause.

Now with theCURVYcon on hiatus, I thought this would be a good time to bring back #PSPfit.

#PSPfit is back– we are now the Curve Method and we are launching with a body weight fitness program. Four weeks of daily guided workouts. No equipment required.

I have so much in store for you!

So click here and join the waiting list. The doors open on November 1st. We’ll get started with some awesome workouts– I’m talking, dance, cardio, strength and everything you need for healthy curves at every size.

Hope to see you inside,


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