#PSPfit Instagram ShoutOuts + New YouTube Workouts! #LaneBryant

Hello Lovelies,

I’m having so much fun watching your fitness journey’s on instagram and twitter. What I love the most is that everyone has a different fitness style. Some of you go hard every morning, some of you get it done in the evening. We’ve got curvy yogi’s and girls doing heavy dead lifts… I am here for all of it!

Here’s a photo of @NJPineappleGirl competing in the #PSPfit plank challenge (join the challenge here)


And I love this photo of @DJ_Say_Cay doing the #PSPfit YouTube Workouts


Congrats to everyone who’s getting active everyday… looks like we’ll be heading into the holiday season feeling fantastic!

Here’s two new Healthy Curves/Health at Every Size YouTube workouts for you!

Cardio Blast! The more you do this video the more endurance you’ll build. I do it twice before strength training and twice after!

Boobies & Batwings! Strength Training I try to do this video at least three times (Order discount resistance bands here if you need them)

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