Plus Size Health & Hygiene: Boob Sweat | Remedies & How to Prevent it

So, a few weeks ago we talked about sports bras for DDD, DD, and D cups and this week, I figured we could keep chatting about being on a fitness journey when you’ve got a lot up top *shimmies*.

I’d like circle back on a topic I covered a while ago… boob sweat (Awkward! Yay!). Anytime we have friction on our bodies, there’s a potential for things to get sweaty or for B.O. to occur. Since we’re all Plus Size Princesses here, I do my best to make sure we’re all fresh like roses, even after a workout so I’ve been testing out different boob sweat remedies and sharing them from time to time.

I have to give a huge thank you to everyone who commented on this post and pulled my coat tails on the risks of swiping deodorant between my chi-chi’s.  As some of you lovingly reminded me, some people consider under arm deodorant use to be something that puts us as risk for breast cancer, so swiping deodorant directly onto my boobs probably isn’t the brightest idea.

Your comments lead me to continue my google search for breast sweat remedies, and after deciding what wouldn’t work for me, I settled on an organic home made product from Etsy, called Boobalicoiuss. Boobalicious smells so yummy and is made from organic ingredients like coconut oil and sun flower oil, I don’t know how she does it but Joanie, the woman who makes it is a genius. My YouTube subscribers asked me to do some hygiene videos. Hygiens is definitely part of a healthy lifestyle, so here you go!

How do you combat boob sweat?

6 thoughts on “Plus Size Health & Hygiene: Boob Sweat | Remedies & How to Prevent it”

  1. Thanks for posting this because I’m tired of stuffing paper napkins down and around my bra every summer (sometimes there’s no subtle way to do it either). lol I always wondered about baby powder, I’ve never used it because I’m sure with the amount of sweat I produce that it would cake like crazy. No thanks!

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