Plus Size Work Out Video + Lessons from the NYC #PSPfit Workout


On Saturday, I took the NYC #PSPfit girls to one of my favorite hidden gems in the city to workout on the water. It was a beautiful day, with beautiful girls.

Plus Size Fitness Workouts

Lesson 1: As we used the grass and park benches to train on Saturday in the park, people would walk by and cheer us on which was a total surprise. I know some of us hold off on working out because we’re nervous/embarrassed/intimidated, so it was really nice to be reminded that the majority of people are kind and supportive.

Lesson 2: Although our trainer had us huffing, puffing and sweaty, when it was over people asked “When is the next one?” Sometimes showing up is the hardest part, but you will never regret a workout session.

We’re working on weekly workouts for the NYC girls, for updates send me your email at

Thanks to everyone who came out and I look forward to seeing you in September! In the meantime here’s a #PSPfit: Plus Size Fitness Cardio Workout that you can do at home.

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