Plus Size Travel: Fort Lauderdale! (What I Did & What I Wore)

Everyone keeps saying that Summer is officially over, while I love the fall… I needed just a *little* bit more sunshine in my life before I surrendered to sweaters and boots. So last weekend I took off to Fort Lauderdale.

First things first, I would warn all of you never to fly Spirit Airlines. I bought my ticket with them because it was the cheapest ($180). But I had no idea they would charge me $40 for any bags that didn’t fit under my seat! Even though my suitcase was small enough to be on the plane with me, I still had to pay the fee for each leg of the flight, so that totaled $80, making my flight cost $260… BOOO! Spirit also charged for water on the plane and they had really bad customer service. I would have been better off paying more in the beginning and taking a more reputable airline. Don’t make the same mistakes I did! The only good news was that the seat belts fit, so I didn’t have to ask for an extender *shakes head*.

Once I got to Ft. Lauderdale, I had a great time. There was a HUGE jacuzzi style tub in my room so I was taking bubble baths constantly! That alone made me feel super relaxed.

Then I spent the majority of my day by the pool, swimming laps (yay cardio!) and laying in the sun, with lots of sunscreen of course. It felt nice not to do anything and because we were on a resort, we had the option of pool/beach hopping so I was able to jump in the ocean a bit as well. (Swimsuit from, toes “flirty fuscia” by Essie, glasses from H&M)

We went out on the town in West Palm Beach to visit one of my cousins who is a cocktail waitress, I wish I had known that Florida lets you smoke inside the club… oh-em-gee I was dying from all of the smoke. We didn’t stay out long, but I was able to wear my convertible Kaori dress that I love so much! (Dress from Igigi, Belt from Ashley Stewart, Earrings from Aldo)

Now I’m back in NYC getting ready for my first meet-up next weekend (9/29). Its going to be an awesome night of live music, curvy conversations and giveaways! Hope to see all of you there… tickets are free so, register here!

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  1. Love the dress! Good to know about Spirit Airlines. I have recently quit flying Southwest because their new planes have SMALLER SEATS. By like…TWO INCHES! The old ones I could BARELY fit in, these I couldn’t and overlapped a lot.

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