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I wore this outfit for a date night last week, I was really pleased with how it came together. Simple, flowy and a little bit sultry. Keep reading to see how I chose this dress over a few others (thanks to my youtube subbies for your help!)

Dress: Here | Shoes: Here | Strapless Bra: Here

Express is expanding into plus sizes (up to size 18). I went shopping in Boston while visiting friends and decided to see how the Express plus size summer dresses looked on me!

I think summer dresses are an easy item to “fudge” sizing on, most of the pieces I tried on were flowy and had some amount of stretch to them. So even if you’re not a size 18, I’d suggest grabbing a few items to try out.

Which dresses do you like best?

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Dress: Here | Shoes: Here | Strapless Bra: Here

5 thoughts on “Plus Size Shopping at Express | Dressing Room Confidential”

  1. You look fab in the dress!. I had loved it in all the colors, but I would have chosen the black too. As far as strapless bras I need companies to make larger sizes. Curvy Kate has the only one that fits. I tried simplybe an even Evans bra that is made under I am assuming their house name but nope nothing. Other than that curvy kate is my go to. Not to mention it’s not that comfort so again waste of $80 and I still end up wearing my neon color bras anyway lol

  2. The black is my favorite but the corral color was beautiful for ur skin tone. I totally agree what u said about sizes and how somethings are more forgiving and stretchy it’s so true doesn’t matter the number just give it a try! Love this video! Thanks Cece!

    1. I’m glad you got the black dress. But I also liked the white one with the stripes. I hope you got that one too. It seems ideal for a summer outdoor party.

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