Plus Size Coupon Code from eShakti!

When I was in high school my friends mom was a seamstress. She would make dresses for me and the fit would be perfect. I miss having those custom pieces and I haven’t found anyone who will make custom clothes on my budget… until now.

eShakti is a clothing company with a different approach to fashion, they design clothes which are then tailored and/or customized to the exact specifications of each buyer making it possible to change a sleeve, neckline etc.

This is really helpful for those of us who have special proportions or curves (i.e. being one size on top and another on the bottom or having a really large bust.) With eShakti, you can get affordable clothes that are tailor made.

I ordered some holiday pieces from them and they were kind enough to let me offer TBGB Readers $20 off on the eShakti website (All the dresses I liked were under $70).

Here’s how it works:

Use Coupon Code “ZKDFE4F” and get $20 off

This $20 coupon will be in addition to the new customer registration gift certificate for $15 given to all first time customers at eShakti.

There is no minimum purchase so you can even shop for $20, and use the $20 coupon (Pretty cool, huh?!)

When you Checkout, you can enter this code where it says ‘Enter Gift Certificate Code’ and $20 will then be taken off of your total!

This code is valid until Christmas day.

Happy Shopping!

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