A Big Girl and her Gays (Part 1)

I sat in the audition room applying lip-gloss and singing to myself when a guy I didn’t know approached me.
“Is this the room for the Hairspray Callbacks?” he asked.
“Yes,” I replied glancing up from my mirror. He was holding a planner with the Brooks Brothers logo and he wore a well tailored suit. He was dressed rather well, even better than most of the musical theater males in the room who by default are quite fashion conscious.
His name was James and he was cute funny and smart. As we chatted I started to flip through my mental rolodex, trying to think of which one of my boys I could introduce him to. I must have zoned out a bit but I quickly snapped back when I heard him say
“…the girl I marry”
Girl?? Marry??? Now, let me say this:
A Big Girl is nothing without her Gays.
There is nothing like, clicking down Seventh Avenue in my favorite (wide-width) knee high boots only to hear:
“Guuurl, you are FIERCE!”
But there is one type of gay guy who I, as a plus-size princess must beware of…
The gay guy who doesn’t know he’s gay, thinks he’s straight and wants to date me.