I Use These Products For Healthy Sisterlocks

When I first got my sisterlocks, I remember being so worried about taking care of them. I was nervous that my sisterlocks would unravel, snap off, not lock or even worse… not grow as long as I wanted them to. Five years later, I know that my hair isn’t as delicate and fragile as it was that first year when I was locing. 

Now that I’ve relaxed about my hair a bit I’m much more open to trying new products in my hair. Over the past few months I’ve been slowly testing new things to see what I like.

These are the products I use on my sisterlocks:


Style Guide: This Plus Size Summer Dress is Perfect

It’s no secret that dresses are my thing. 

They’re feminine, easily dressed up or down and if I’m rushing in the morning, I love making one decision on what to wear in the morning instead of mixing and matching tops and bottoms.

I don’t mind denim in the summer, but there’s something so special about floating around in a summer dress.

After a long weekend in the Hamptons (did you catch my friends doing an EPIC runway show around the pool on my instagram stories? lol) I came back to NYC still wanting to squeeze a little bit more out of my long weekend.

I bought a bunch of plus size summer essentials from Lane Bryant, including this adorable fit and flare, plus size maxi dress with ruffles… so cute, right?

Plus Size Summer Dress: Here | Wide Width Pink Heel: Here | Earrings: Here

If you like to be conservative, this dress has a snap in the bust area that keeps the panels closed. This was perfect for this beautiful and breezy long weekend.

These soft scalloped pink shoes have a block heel that is easy to walk in, I typically bring a second pair of shoes with me that are more comfortable and flat. With these shoes, I was confident leaving the house without a back-up pair. I knew I wouldn’t be in pain later.

Lane Bryant has some adorable items for summer click here for more effortless pieces.

I Surprised my Mom with This

I was born and raised in California, but I live 3,000 miles away in New York City.I’m close to my family and speak to them almost every day, but I still miss being around them.One of my goals is to be able to visit my family more than once or twice a year. I want to be around more for special occasions and to just hang out with the people I love the most.I haven’t flown home for Mother’s Day in YEARS, but this weekend I’m making it happen.


Plus Size Summer Outfit: White Denim Skirt

I know my confidence is growing when this happens:Warm weather comes… and I put away my sweaters.For many years, I wore hoodies and sweaters all year round in an effort to hide my body. If you happened to see a girl walking around in the blazing heat on the 4th of July, wearing a maxi dress and a long sleeve cardigan… that was me. My bad.But each summer, the more my self confidence grew, the easier it became to get dressed. I learned to show my arms, my legs and eventually wear a bikini at the beach!