Pack With Me: Travel Packing Tips for a Confident Life

One thing I have learned from traveling more and more is that packing in a rush never works.I always forget something random, yet critical– like a strapless bra, a pair of shoes or shapewear. 

My plus size dolls know that we never want to be caught without the clothes we need, because we don’t have the option to just run and grab something in our size. I’ve been on trips where I didn’t have what I needed and it triggered so many insecurities.  With my upcoming trip to the TED Climate Change Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland I’ll be attending a conference with people I don’t know in a country I’ve never been to, so I’d like I have everything I need to feel confident head to toe!

I believe that a confident life is created with rituals, recipes and routines.

In my next YouTube Video, I’m going to walk you through my packing routine, which includes post it notes and lots of planning in advance. 

For my dolls who want to travel with confidence, I’ve created a CeCe Olisa Packing Routine Planner for you to download, print and use for each day of your next travel adventure.

Download this sheet for every day you will be gone, including your travel days. Fill it out and write down every detail of your outfit (including your intimates!) My next youtube video will outline how I use my packing routine to ensure I have everything I need when I travel.



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