One Easy Trick That Keeps My Hair Flourishing

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I can confidently say that my hair is flourishing right now. I started my sisterlocks in 2014 and one of the ways that I keep my hair healthy and growing is taking good care of my scalp.

I’ve been the girl patting her head to fight itching.

I’ve also been the girl trying to make a hairstyle last even though my scalp was on FI-YAH *Alicia Keys voice*

Having to choose between keeping my cute hairstyle and an itchy scalp or washing my style away in favor of a clean scalp is annoying.

This is where Head & Shoulders comes in.

I’ve used Head & Shoulders for years to keep my dry and flaky scalp together, but sometimes when I want to stretch the time between washes I need something to treat my scalp.

Head & Shoulders has a Clinical Solutions Leave-On Treatment with ZPT and I couldn’t be more excited!

This amazing product addresses scalp stress and fights itch, dryness and flaking. It’s a spray that can be used out-of-the-shower for fast-acting relief from scalp issues in between washes.

Oh happy day!

My regimen for keeping my scalp healthy and preserving my styles is to wash my hair twice with Head & Shoulders shampoo (it smells amazing, I always get compliments on wash day).

Then I set my hair, sometimes I do a “braid out” with my sisterlocks, sometimes I do pipe cleaner curls.

Once my hair is set, I have easier access to my scalp, so I take the Head & Shoulders Clinical Solutions Leave-On Treatment and put it along my hairline (a trouble spot for me). And I put a few drops around the rest of my hair.

Two days later, I repeat this step.

This keeps my hair healthy and flake free!

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