NYC Workout Studio Review: SHAKTIBARRE

Things have been flipped upside down lately.

I’m practicing health and safety first – meaning I’m pretty much stuck at home – now I really miss all the new workouts I got to try last month! Here’s the full review of last month’s barre/yoga class…(read to the end for live-stream options!)

You all know I love my spinning classes and I’ve even taken to the outdoor track to try out running, but I’m always looking for new ways to move and workout and last month I went and tried out the barre/yoga fusion class at SHAKTIBARRE.

It was 11AM and class was just over the river  at the Williamsburg location (the other studio is up in Harlem). 

It’s so cozy – everything is pink from the couch to the dumbbells. You can even relax in the front and enjoy a cup of tea. 

I also love that it’s a women owned company. 

One of the co-founders greeted me while I was there and I got to hear all about their ultimate goal to empower the feminine in everybody and allow safe, body positive movement. They even offer a sliding scale class model so even my single full price class was more affordable than most other NYC studios. 

Sweater | Leggings | Sports Bra

The class itself felt easy to follow but such a workout…we used those cute pink dumbbells and a ballet barre (which made me feel like a ballerina!). My instructor, Emily, used inclusive language in class and offered modifications to every move. 

And then *nsync came on…


I’ve been taking my Centrum Multivitamin tablets recently, and they always say it takes only one minute to get all the micro-nutrients I need. Well for the rest of that #vitaminhour, I was able to sweat and dance in my 55 minute SHAKTIBARRE class.


The studio is cozy, inspiring, and so welcoming. After my class, I felt so ready and motivated for the day – I can’t wait to workout with others in a community class again! Maybe I’ll see you in class after this all blows over?

For me, joyful movement is what’s best right now (sorry, no push-up challenge for me!) Instead of trying a bunch of local workout studios, I’ve switched to trying the apps and online workouts from local workout studios (let me know any cool studios I should know!) It’s a great way to support your fellow business owners and community members even if you’re being responsible by staying indoors.

If you’re feeling stuck at home and want to try this SHAKTIBARRE barre/yoga fusion, they are offering online streams here!

Stay safe and stay moving. We’ll get through this.

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