My Plus Size Walking Routine

As a plus size girl, I like my cardio to be as high intensity and low impact as possible. High intensity to keep me feeling strong, low impact to protect my knees. Walking on the treadmill helps me to achieve the high intensity/low impact balance that works best for my curvy body. I recently read a Washington post article on treadmill running. I’ve been applying the techniques to my treadmill walks and I’ve been really happy with the results. I feel stronger and a few of you have DMed me saying that my legs are looking more toned (thanks, dolls!).

The article recommends progression, tempo, and hill training on the treadmill for runners– you can apply these techniques to your treadmill walks.

Here’s my morning treadmill routine:

10 mins: Warm up with progression walks, which help build speed and endurance, consider starting at a moderate pace and then increasing speed by .5 to 1 mph every 5 to 10 minutes, so you’ll finish your walk going significantly faster than you started.

*Hydration Break*

20 mins:  Tempo walks help improve speed and teach you to maintain a set pace, the article recommends warming up at a slow pace, and doing the majority of your walk at a faster pace — I typically try a 1.8 to 2.8 pace, depending on the day — and then cooling down at a recovery pace.

My BEST Training Hack: Walking uphill, which can make a workout more intense and build heart and lung health, so it’s recommended to use treadmill inclines for hill-walking practice. This is a big part of my morning routine– on average I walk at an 11% incline, no matter the speed (I’m training towards 12%)

*Rest/Hydration Break*

I give myself a few minutes to rest and then I go right into my Curve Method daily guided workout for the day.


Plus Size Walking Outfits

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I’m using my Nike collaboration to fund my dreams for the Curve Method, so please consider supporting today’s collaboration by shopping for your Nike plus size walking gear tagged in this Instagram post. Thank you!

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