My First Edition Ford Maverick® Truck– Everything You Want to Know

Good Afternoon, Dolls!

I’m pleased to announce that I have signed a contract to be a brand ambassador for Ford Motor Company! It feels REALLY good to join the FORD family as they roll out this Historic Ford Maverick® – now a hybrid truck! Dolls, opportunities like this come my way because of our special community, so I want to say thank you for supporting me with your likes, shares, saving my posts and leaving 👑👑👑 in the comments.

As I work to launch #dollbutter I’ll be driving a First Edition Ford Maverick® Hybrid truck around New York City Buckle up, dolls… this should be fun!

What Year did the Ford Maverick Truck come out?

The Ford Maverick Truck was unveiled on June 8, 2021, as the smallest truck marketed by the company (it had a four foot bed). It went on sale in late 2021 for the 2022 model year, I started driving mine in February 2022.

Are Ford Mavericks Available Yet?

Driving my Ford Maverick around New York City, I get stopped quite a bit by people who have questions about this truck. The most popular question I get is around availability. Are Ford Mavericks available yet? Yes, they are. But you may need an extra dose of patience when you place your order. Due to high demand, not all models and trims may be currently available. Contact dealer for available inventory stock or future availability. With everything going on in the world the inventory can cause a bit of a waiting list, depending on the model and features you’re looking for.

Ford Maverick Lariat Review (Hybrid)

When I flew to Detroit to learn about the Ford Maverick, its features and it’s capabilities I wasn’t sure which version they would send to me in New York City. Let me tell you about my first date with my First Edition @Ford Maverick® Hybrid Lariat truck. Isn’t he handsome? 🥰 Before I agreed to let this Ford truck into my life, I spoke to my Dad to make sure he approved. Papa asked me the following questions:


Papa: Tell me about this Ford Maverick®
Me: Well, True to its name, the Maverick forges its own path as the first pickup truck equipped with a standard hybrid powertrain.
Papa: I see. What do you like about this Ford Maverick®
Me: My Ford Maverick® makes my life better in many ways. One time I was at dinner and it started snowing. My truck comes with an app that allows me to start the car remotely and let it run for up to 15 minutes. I started the car by pushing a button on my phone. By the time the bill was paid and I walked a few blocks to my parking spot, my truck was nice and toasty for me, even the seats and the steering wheel were warm!

Papa: Very thoughtful, what driver assist features/technology does it have?
Me: Papa, you taught me how to drive, so I feel generally confident behind the wheel. With my Ford Maverick®, I drive around #newyorkcity with added confidence in the driver assist features. Pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, auto high-beam headlamps, and a rearview camera are standard. There’s a long list of additional features available as well. So…what do you think? Do you approve?

Papa: Your Ford Maverick® sounds like the kind of truck I would want for you. Enjoy yourself and keep your mother and I posted as things progress.
Okay, dolls! Now that we have Papa’s approval, I’d love hear what you think!

What is Special About the Ford Maverick Truck?

As I work to launch @cocoabycece, here’s how I use my Ford Maverick® Hybrid truck as a mobile office and creative studio! In this tour you’ll learn some of my favorite features that balance my creative expression and business needs here in New York City. I’m so excited to take you inside… what do you think?


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Can you Customize a Ford Maverick Truck?

I’ve already shown you how I use my Ford MAVERICK Truck as a mobile office. Today I thought it would be fun to show you how I use 2x4s to customize the bed of my truck.


Dolls, looking at these photos, I can’t help but laugh. Why? (I’m glad you asked!) I brought my photographer along for my typical early morning trip to the flower district and we got caught in a torrential downpour. It became a literal “April Showers Bring May Flowers” situation 😂

The new 2022 Ford MAVERICK truck features FLEXBED™ is super innovative. Loaded with organization and storage features that give you numerous ways to secure cargo and easy ways to create DIY solutions. The limits are your imagination. I decided to use 2x4s to create a simple box divider for small cargo moments, like bringing flowers home from the flower district. Yes, April showers bring May flowers and my Ford Maverick brings creativity to my New York City life.

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