My First Cocoa by CeCe Pop Up

Good Morning, Dolls! I’d love to tell you all about the weekend I turned my FORD Maverick Hybrid Truck into a store to host a cocoabycece pop up by parking it in front of therogersgarden here in brooklyn. I arrived early in the morning to unpack all of my inventory and transform my truck bed into a store for my new body positive beauty brand. It felt amazing to introduce my local dolls to doll butter and let them sit inside my Ford Maverick. 


Thank you to everyone who came by and purchased a jar of my skin softening doll butter! This was such a special weekend for me… we had the most amazing time! Thank you to everyone who tagged FORD and me in their stories, I’m still sharing photos from our epic day! keep scrolling to see it all!   

P.s. Due to high demand, not all models and trims may be currently available. Contact dealer for available inventory stock or future availability.

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