Makeup for Beginners: 5 EASY Tricks I Learned at the MAC Makeup Counter

I have a lot of skin discoloration, so I started wearing foundation in high school to even out my complexion. Even though I’ve been wearing makeup every day since I was a teenager, I’m definitely a beginner.

I want to improve my techniques so I went to the MAC Makeup studio here in NYC. I spent time hanging out with MAC Makeup artist named Kallie I learned so much from her (check out the face we did together on my instagram, here!

I came home and started to practice using the products I already have. Many of you have been hitting me up on my instagram asking about my makeup glow up, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing.

Here are 5 EASY Tricks I Learned at the MAC Makeup Counter. A list of the products I used are below!

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1.) Use Your Makeup Brush to Apply Moisturizer

Our hands absorb moisturizer (it’s skin, duh). So when we use our hands to apply facial moisturizer we lose product. Instead of using my hands, I’ve started using a makeup brush to apply moisturizer. I’m going to save money because I’ll use every drop and it feels so nice! It’s like a little mini facial!

2.) Use a Little Less Eyeshadow Primer

Turns out I’ve been using WAY too much eyeshadow primer. I was coating my lids, but Kallie taught me that doing that can change the texture and pigment of my eyeshadow. So, I started using a thin layer of primer instead and my eye makeup has been looking a lot better!

Bonus Tip: Eyes First

Because skin discoloration was the reason I started wearing makeup in the first place, I always put on my foundation first. But lately, I’ve been doing my eye make up first. This has been awesome because if eyeshadow falls on my face, I can just wipe it off of my bare face instead of trying to blend it into my foundation. (watch the video for an example)

Bonus Tip: Don’t be Afraid to Make Mistakes (You can fix them!)

I think I never took chances on my makeup because I was scared to make mistakes. But all makeup mistakes can be fixed. I’m doing a lot better because I’m relaxed and having fun!

3.) Tilt Your Head Back When Applying Eyeshadow

When I tilt my head back I can see more of my eye lid and apply eye shadow more easily.

4.) Use Burgundy Blush for Contour

Sometimes I have trouble finding the right “dark brown” to contour my rich complexion. Using a deep burgundy blush to contour goes well with my red undertones and doesn’t look as harsh as dark browns sometimes can.

5.) Use Translucent Powder to Soften Your Eyebrows

If you feel your eyebrows are too harsh, sweep some translucent powder over them to instantly soften them up. (see video for example)

Omg, did I really just put a huge “no makeup” pic on the internet? haha…

Here’s a list of products that I used…





Which trick will you try first?


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