Life Update: Starting a Book Club & My Packing List for Japan!

Hey dolls, it’s CeCe Olisa here with a life update, and I have so much exciting news to share with you all!

The True Beauty Book Club launches this month!

First up, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m starting a Book Club! And it gets even better—I’m headed to Japan soon and packing starts NOW! But before I dive into those details, I want to share something very special. Tomorrow is my mother’s first heavenly birthday. She had a unique way of connecting people on earth (just as she does in heaven), and one person she placed in my path (twice!) is #1 New York Times Best Selling Author Renee Watson.

I was blessed to receive a preview copy of Renée’s new book, skin & bones, which follows 40-year-old Lena Baker as a confession on her wedding day upends her life.

Dolls, from the first page, I couldn’t put it down. There’s a quote from the book that really resonated with me: “You’ve got to carve out space for yourself, define what beauty is for yourself, and hold on to your own definition when this world tries to tell you otherwise.” That’s exactly what we’re doing at my body care company, Cocoa by CeCe.

Inspired by this, Cocoa by CeCe is launching the True Beauty Book Club, and our inaugural selection is skin & bones by Renée Watson. This summer book club is all about bringing together women and girls to discuss, challenge, and redefine beauty standards through literature. Join me for a special LIVE conversation with Renée Watson tomorrow at 12pm EST on Instagram Live, where we’ll talk about the book and the True Beauty Book Club Community we’re creating this summer.

My Upcoming Trip to Japan…

Now, for my next update—I’m headed to Japan! My cousin Martin, who my Instagram dolls call #cousinbae (major eyeroll from me), bought me a ticket to visit him while he’s deployed there in the Navy. I’ll be sharing all the details of my travel adventures on Instagram (@ceceolisa), and at least ONE of the True Beauty Book Club sessions will be streamed while I’m in Japan. I can’t wait to bring our True Beauty Book Club Tote along for the adventure!

I’m in a flurry as I prepare to travel, but here’s what’s on my packing list so far:

  1. True Beauty Book Club Kit – I’ll be taking this travel-friendly 5-piece kit for $79.99. The kit includes travel size minis of Cocoa by CeCe Doll Butter, Self Love Scrub, Beautiful Body Oil, a summer tote bag, a hardcover copy of skin & bones, and a sticker set with inspiring body-positive quotes that will look perfect on your luggage or poolside water bottle.
  2. The Plus Perfect Vintage Wide Leg Jeans – It’s time for a new pair of jeans and in the summer, I don’t want anything clinging to my legs, so wide leg crops are the way to go for comfort and style! These are priced at $128.
  3. Mini Treadmill – As my trip draws near, I find myself skipping the gym and swapping in quick sessions on my mini treadmill at home instead. This compact treadmill is $175.99. If you need a mini treadmill for 300+ pounds, this one is for you
  4. Clif Builders – When traveling, I just assume that my snacks are going to get mushed along the way, so avoid bars that create crumbs. These Clif bars are gluten-free and soft, so they won’t make a crumbly mess if they get smashed in my suitcase. A pack of 12 is $27.99.
  5. Vionic Uptown Loafers – These are “perfectly packable” because they collapse flat! If you have big feet like me (I’m an 11W), you know the pain of trying to make your shoes take up as little space as possible. These loafers are priced at $129.95.

Stay beautiful, and join me on this amazing journey!

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