Life Update: January 2024

Hello Beautiful Dolls,

It’s the kick-off to a brand-new year, and I’ve gotta know—how are you feeling? Are you riding that wave of optimism, envisioning all the incredible things the future might bring? Or maybe you’re navigating a touch of bittersweetness, mourning the loss of a past life. Perhaps it’s a bit of both, and you know what? That’s completely okay. I get it, doll. Life’s a mix of emotions, and it’s totally okay to feel however you feel. Let’s chat about it.

The other day I walked past the old Curvy Con building here in NYC and the memories of 2019 came rushing back. There I was, back on 5th Avenue, the home of theCURVYcon, my body-positive fashion dream featured in Vogue. Now, in 2023, I’m retracing my steps, crossing the Brooklyn bridge and returning to my family’s Manhattan apartment—the sacred space where the seeds of TheCurvyCon were first planted.

My Body Care Routine

To achieve this soft, glowy winter skin, I use The Doll Butter from Cocoa by CeCe. This leaves my skin feeling baby soft and the fragrance makes people hug me a little longer just to take in the lovely scent.

This time wont be like last time…

Reflecting on my journey, I can’t help but recall one of my mantras, “This time won’t be like last time.”

Back in 2013, I embraced change, moving into our modest family apartment, which became theCURVYcon HQ, with boxes of curvy con swag and merch stacked to the ceiling, all in pursuit of a dream.

By 2019, TheCurvyCon had blossomed into the largest plus-size fashion event at NYFW (according to Glamour magazine).

Now, a decade later, I’m downsizing from luxury Brooklyn, returning to that same apartment, ready to nurture the seeds of my new dream, Cocoa by CeCe.

This time, armed with a wealth of lessons learned, I embark on this journey with a clearer vision, seasoned experience, and a heart prepared for life’s twists and turns. I’m thrilled to invite you along for the ride as we weave together dreams, blueprints, and the unwavering belief that this time around will be even more extraordinary than the last.

 Radiantly Yours,

p.s. you can click here to order Cocoa by CeCe for your beautiful body

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  1. Thanks for the update. Life in transition. Looking forward to your new 2024 posts; we notice your absence and will be ready for your return for 2024! Best Wishes, Cece!


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