Life Update: I’m Moving to Brooklyn!

I’m excited to share that I recently signed a lease on a new apartment and I’m moving to Brooklyn!

Two and a half years ago, I moved into the apartment of my dreams, here in Manhattan. You may remember when I first moved in and gave you a tour. You may also remember that I lovingly called my apartment “Rapunzel’s Tower” during the pandemic– because in a pandemonium, all a girl can do is stay home, stay prayed up, stay hydrated and let her hair grow out!

I have a lot more clarity on what I want out of life.

While I am very sad to leave Rapunzel’s Tower,  my new apartment reflects my new dreams… and that feels good.

I must admit that I’m a bit nervous. I’ve been a Manhattan girl for so long and New Yorkers will tell you that Brooklyn is like a completely different town. I really don’t know anyone in Brooklyn, but with everything happening in the world this feels like the right time to move to a new place and get a fresh start.

Making new friends as a grown up is really going to put my confidence to the test, so please pray for me.

Someone sent me flowers and champagne, so I popped a bottle and said “goodbye” to my view. I thought I’d share a photo with you so you can say “goodbye” too! xx

p.s. Here’s some footage of your favorite memories from Rapunzel’s Tower

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