Life Update: Decorating my Bedroom

Life Update– I am finally starting the decorating process here in my Brooklyn apartment!

This bedroom is a huge milestone for me, because it’s my first bedroom in New York City that’s big enough for me to have room on both sides of my bed. Having room on both sides of my bed means I can finally get some bedside tables (I never liked the idea of just buying one haha). Also,  it feels so good to put clean sheets on my bed without climbing over it– having room on both sides of my bed is so exciting to me! So, to honor my blessing of a bedroom, one of the first things I ordered was a new bed frame. I have an incredible mattress, so that wasn’t going to change, but it felt like a good time to retire my velvet headboard in favor of something with a different vibe.

I settled on a Sausalito Cane Bed in antique white. A few of you dolls have inquired about my bed, and @milleni_old sent me a DM on instagram asking me to do a post about my bed and she included five specific questions (which was super helpful!) so I will answer them here.

What is the pattern of the Sausalito Cane Bed?

I would call the pattern a “hole to hole” or “lace cane” pattern. As you can see in the photos, what pops the most about the caning from a far are the holes made from the weaving pattern. It gives a subtle texture that is chic and airy while still feeling solid.

Do the Sausalito Cane Bed Wings have Caning?

Yes, the wings have caning. The wings actually have what I’d call double caning because of the way the trim is made– there is caning on both ends of the trim. Think of it almost like a sandwich.

Does the Sausalito Cane Bed Footboard have caning too?

Yes, the footboard has caning. There isn’t double caning here, but I don’t think it’s needed. Here’s a photo for you to see it up close!

It Says low profile standard bed. How low is the Sausalito Cane Bed to the ground?

If you’re someone who likes to use your under-bed space for storage, this is not the frame for you. The legs are pretty low to the ground as you can see in the photo above. I suppose you could add risers to this bed, but in my opinion it would ruin the aesthetic.

How is the Sausalito Cane Bed for a six foot person?

Asking how a six foot person likes my bed feels like a set up and I’m not falling for it LOL. I can share that I am 5’10 and I prefer a high bed. Because of my luxe mattress, I had to get a box spring for it to work with this bed frame. I chose a six inch box spring because my mattress is pretty thick and I didn’t want to add too much additional height. If you don’t need a box spring, you may find the bed to be too low. From a length perspective there are no issues because the footboard is lower than the mattress with or without a boxspring.


My Mustard Bedding and Rose Sheets

If you like the way my bed is styled, I pulled all of the items I use (sheets, quilts, duvet, etc.) into one place for you here on amazon 



My Silk Pillow Case

I sleep on a silk pillowcase at night to protect my hair. My silk pillowcase is from the Imagination Sleep Kit from You Go Naturals. I hope you the was helpful to you. If you’d like to see everything I use to style my bedroom in one place you can find everything here on my amazon.

I’m really looking forward to bringing my Brooklyn apartment to life. I hope you’ll stick around to watch the process unfold!

CeCe xx

p.s. we called my East Village apartment my “Dream Apartment”. I’m still trying to decide on a name for my Brooklyn apartment… lmk if you have any ideas 🙂

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