Life Update: December

If you’re feeling the whirlwind of change and transition, know you’re not alone—I’m right there with you. Life has been a beautiful chaos lately, and I wanted to give you a quick update.

Firstly, a massive thank you to each one of you for your continued support. I’m thrilled to share that my pampas grass Christmas tree got a feature in Real Simple magazine! 🎄 This unconventional tree feels just right for this unconventional Christmas season.

Now, let’s talk about the move—God has granted me the privilege of a slow transition into my new apartment. Because I am downsizing, I really want to take my time and make sure I only bring things into the new apartment that are essential to my life. Balancing the blessings of moving and launching a new Cocoa by CeCe product simultaneously has been quite the journey.


Nike Crop Sweater…

My go-to outfit lately: a chic Nike sweater paired with comfy jeans or leggings. It’s the perfect combo for Zoom calls, Target runs, and all the purging and packing adventures on the floor.

CeCe Olisa’s Sizing Details

Top: size XL, Jeans: plus size 2XL Shoes: size 11.5

For reference my sizes are: Height: 5’10 Top: size 14 Bottom: size 18 Shoe: 11 wide

Cocoa by CeCe’s New Product is Here…

Cocoa by CeCe’s New Product is Here…

Moving is no joke, but your support makes every step worthwhile. A special shoutout to the amazing Cocoa by CeCe community—your love for the Beautiful Body Oil is truly heartwarming. 💖


{{{Click Here to Shop my Entire Outfit}}}


Sending you all the love and good vibes…

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