Life Update: Cocoa by CeCe is Expanding!

One year ago on a chilly November night in Fresno, CA and I was home for thanksgiving sitting at my parents dining room table. From setting the table for dinner as a child, to filling out my college applications– my parents dining room holds so many memories and now I was creating a new one.

“I’m nervous!” I said as my Dad, Mom and sisters gathered around the table. My Dad said a prayer. My sister said, “let’s do this!”

I took a deep breath and opened my laptop. Years of hard work had all come down to this.

When I say “don’t wait on your weight to live the life you want”, it’s because I am on a mission to help women fall in love with their bodies through fashion, beauty and wellness. I’m able to make the fashion world more inclusive with theCURVYcon. I’m able to make the fitness world more inclusive as a Nike ambassador and for the past few years I’d been working on bringing inclusivity to the beauty world as founder of body positive body care company, Cocoa by CeCe.

My plan for Cocoa by CeCe was simple– help women fall in love with their bodies through self care. Start with one signature body butter with clean ingredients that would soften, hydrate and nourish all skin types (especially eczema prone skin like my sisters). Get the recipe right, spend time learning from our customers and if the reviews and sales were good, reinvest the profits and slowly release additional products until I have the complete skin softening body care line that I’ve been dreaming about. The recipe was right, the jars were ready to ship. All I had to do was open my idea for Cocoa by CeCe up to the world. So, with a few keystrokes, at my parents dining room table, I put my dream in motion and the website for my body care company went live.


Within a few seconds, a *cha-ching* sound broke the silence. The shopify sale notification sounds like a cash register. Whenever you hear *cha-ching* that means a customer has made a purchase! My very first Cocoa by CeCe sale! My mom and sisters cheered! *cha-ching* another sale. My Dad smiled proudly. *cha-ching* I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath until I let out a huge sigh of relief.

From that moment a year ago, the sales of Cocoa by CeCe haven’t stopped. You dolls are buying jars two and three at a time and you’re coming back for more. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your purchases, reviews, attending our pop-ups and telling your friends about Doll Butter. You’ve given me the confidence to continue growing Cocoa by CeCe and today I’m happy to share that our growing family of body care products is expanding! is now selling both Doll Butter and our newest launch, The Self Love Scrub. To celebrate the launch of The Self Love Scrub, I’ve created a special edition 3-piece holiday gift set that celebrates self love, self care and self confidence. This is the perfect gift for your nieces, cousins, sisters, sister-friends… and you can throw one in for yourself too.

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