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Everything you need to know to turn your passions into a successful online business without compromise.

Build confidence. Find clarity. Make it happen.

What You’ll Learn

good foundations

The Confident Creator Lab is all about setting you up for success online.  We know what you end up building is only as strong as the foundation you have to build on.  The Foundations Kit includes your Mastermind Daily Planner, a Quick Start Guide, a dictionary of terms (for all those pesky acronyms like CRM and CMS), and other resources designed to help you make the most of your 30-day Mastermind Material.


This digital planner includes daily profit-first journaling (and an instructional video on how to make the very best use of it), tips on how to “find” more time, and tips & tricks for increased productivity and profit.  


This Mastermind works from the inside out.  The first week’s material is all about coming out of the shadows and finding your own voice.  This week’s work includes: The Confidence to Get Started, How to Value Your Own Gifts (and Get Paid To Use Them), Confidence Exercises, a Story & Science Sheet and more!


A confused mind does not buy AND a confused creator cannot sell!  This week’s material is designed to help you discover WHO you are, WHO you serve, WHAT you will sell (and how much you should charge), HOW to get paid, and HOW to get found online.  Bonuses Include: How to Build An Audience That Will Support You (and won’t let you down) and How to Get Paid Without “Selling.”

personal branding

It’s time to SET UP SHOP.  Get your brand on with a brand from The Branding Bar, created to make you look good right from the start.  Beyond your brand suite, which includes logo, monogram, alternate logos, color palette, metallics & patterns, business card design, social media banners and posts, you’ll also get your Brand Kit, which includes: How to Write Your Manifesto, Choosing Colors & Fonts, Curating Your Brand Style and more!


If you want people to invest with you, you have to look INVESTMENT-WORTHY.  The power of branding increases the perceived value of what you have to offer, creates brand loyalty and return customers, and sets you apart from other people in your industry.  Look the part instantly with your customized brand! 

credibility -> celebrity

Now it’s time to put it all together and start building your online business!  Learn how to cultivate credibility and become a (local) celebrity in order to fast-track your profitability.  This week’s material includes your Roadmap to Monetization, Social Media Planner, and Content Calendar.  Bonuses include How to Take Your Own Photos and a Business Plan (how to KEEP more of the money you EARN).

value: $3,980
your investment: $926

Build confidence. Find clarity. Make it happen.

The Course Creators

cece olisa

Named one of the “Top 10 New York Fashion Bloggers” by WhoWhatWear and a “person who proves you can be fit at any size” by, CeCe Olisa is a model and co-Founder of theCURVYcon, a plus size fashion convention during New York Fashion Week. CeCe adheres to her motto, “Don’t wait on your weight to live the life you want.”

jessica lynn

A brand strategist and graphic/web designer, Jessica is the behind-the-scenes magician behind some of the biggest brands online.  She has built a six-figure online business and her areas of expertise include how to monetize your personal brand, how to create your signature offer, and how to be profitable online.

value: $3,980
your investment: $926

Build confidence. Find clarity. Make it happen.

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