Is Away luggage good quality?

So I’ve had away suitcases since around 2018.

Which Away Suitcases do I have?

My first piece of Away luggage was The Bigger Carryon in pink and the The Large suitcase in grey. Slightly bigger than the Carry-On, the Bigger Carry-On can hold about nine more liters than its little brother. It comes in 15 different colors and also has the option for a battery, which I must admit I always lose somehow.

Why did I choose the Bigger Carry-On?

I love the idea of fitting all of my clothes and essentials into a single carryon. But, as a plus size girl, my clothes are simply bigger. A pair of my size 18 jeans will take up more volume in a suitcase than a pair of size 2 jeans. In the past, this made me feel bad about myself but not anymore. A confident life is made up of rituals, recipes and routines so I make the Away Bigger Carryon part of my travel recipe. It gives me additional room and is still small enough that the airlines don’t require me to check it.

When I was in Martha’s Vineyard over the summer of 2021, both of my Away suitcases broke in completely different ways. I’d had the pieces for about three years and I had no clue where my warranty stood.  I had another trip scheduled a few days later, so I didn’t have a ton of time to get myself some new luggage. This is when I learned about the quality of Away. I sent an email to Away customer service and they told me that my best bet was to try and get my luggage repaired/replaced in person. Luckily there is in a way store in Soho so I took both of them to Soho be replaced, in one afternoon, they repaired The Large Away Suitcase be replaced The Bigger Carry-On completely. And I was I guess within my warranty because I didn’t pay anything. So that was great. Shout out to away for that. 

Is Away luggage good quality?

Because of the length of time I’ve had my suitcase and the easy repair/replacement process, I’d say that Away luggage is good quality. I’m happy to continue to use mine.

I recently invested in this Lo & Sons carry on bag, if you want a review of this bag, please let me know. 

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