Introducing: Ford Warriors in Pink

Let’s talk about the power of love and support. What do you do when someone you love is facing breast cancer? You brighten their day, you lift their spirits, and you let them know they’re not alone.

Now, imagine doing all of that while making a meaningful impact. Introducing Ford Warriors in Pink, a program that’s been standing strong for 30 years, with over $139 million dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

Through the sale of Ford Warriors in Pink inspirational wear and gear, Ford helps provide transportation solutions for patients in need. That’s right, 100% of Ford profits are donated to Susan G. Komen® and Pink Fund® – two organizations working hand in hand with Ford Warriors in Pink to make a difference.


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So, here’s your chance to unite in pink, show your support, and make a real impact in the fight against breast cancer. Click this link to support the mission and let’s make a difference together.

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