I’ve Been Invited to Ted Countdown Summit

I had to pinch myself when I opened the letter. It said:

Dear Officer,
CeCe Olisa has been invited to attend the Countdown Summit, taking place October 12–15,
2021, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Countdown is an important partner of the 26th UN Climate Change
Conference [ukcop26.org] that takes place in Glasgow in November.
The conference is invitation-only, and attendees are selected based on who we believe will be
strong contributors to the Summit and accelerating progress at COP26. The Summit will unveil
some of the imaginative and scalable solutions that we’ll need to turn the tide on climate change
and create a healthier and more equitable world for all. Find out more online at countdown.ted.
TED will cover the costs associated with a conference membership (US $10,000) which includes
attendance to the conference and most meals while at the conference. We will be purchasing
roundtrip airfare, transfers to and from the airport, as well as hotel accommodation.

Wow… I’m headed to Scotland!

I must say, these opportunities come my way because of you. So thank you for your support. Thank you for all of your comments and likes and thumbs up and shares and telling your friends about my work and my content. I want to document this in a way that honors what we’ve built together.

The Countdown Summit will bring together hundreds of leaders in Edinburgh, Scotland, in October, as TED speakers share a blueprint for a beautiful net-zero future. This plan – along with inspiring stories of local action – will be amplified by hundreds of TEDx Countdown events around the world and through a special global livestream event on October 30.

This feels like the right time to launch a project I’ve been working on for a while, called A Confident Life…


I was having a conversation with a dear friend and she mentioned to me that the Latin definition of confidence is “with faith”.

How do we live life “with faith”?

Wow… lots to unpack there, which is why this feels like the right time for us to begin this conversation.

This invitation is opening a door to a new room. As I walk into a new room representing the 67% of American women who wear a size 14+, I have a lot of questions about plus size fashion and sustainable fashion. I think that the #TedCountdown summit is the right place to start. I don’t know about you, but entering a new room can trigger complicated emotions in me like doubt, fear and imposter syndrome.

A Confident Life is where we will explore what it looks like to live with faith– starting in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I believe that A Confident Life is created around rituals, recipes and routines. You may know that I have a recipe, ritual or routine for almost everything. I look forward to sharing them with you, from my morning routine to my cardio training routine and even the way I pack my bags for a trip!


Here’s Everything you need to know:

Why did I move to Brooklyn? The answer is here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CP06jWVFTga/

My new favorite Brooklyn Restaurant? Risbo. You can find them on instagram, here: https://www.instagram.com/risbobk/

Tune in to the Countdown Livestream on Saturday, October 30 for highlights from the Countdown Summit and learn more about a realistic pathway to a net-zero future. Be on the lookout for the swipe-up link on my Instagram stories that day! 


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