Inside Martha’s Vineyard: Your Oak Bluffs Morning Itinerary

Hey Dolls! 💖

Welcome to another installment of “Inside Martha’s Vineyard.” Today, I’m sharing the ultimate Oak Bluffs morning itinerary that’s perfect for making the most out of your day trip to the Vineyard. Let’s dive in!

The Night Before…

First things first, I highly recommend staying at the charming Woods Hole Inn. It’s the cutest bed and breakfast with the most beautiful vibes in the North East. You can easily walk over to the ferry from there. It’s so convenient and makes your trip stress-free.

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What to do in Oak Bluffs at 8am…

Catch an early morning ferry from Woods Hole to Oak Bluffs. The ferry ride itself is such a treat – you’ll love the fresh sea breeze and the stunning views as you glide over the water.

Once you arrive, you have some fabulous breakfast options. You could hit up Linda Jean’s or Biscuits for a hearty breakfast. But, let me share an insider tip with you, Dolls: the move is to grab a coffee and a donut from Backdoor Donuts. It’s a local favorite for a reason!

Take your goodies and head over to the Inkwell Beach. There’s nothing like sitting on the grass or right on the beach, enjoying the beautiful scenery and your delicious breakfast. Plus, you never know what you might stumble upon – we came across a wedding proposal! How magical is that?

What to do in Oak Bluffs at 10am (with kids!)…

If you have kids with you, or if you’re just a kid at heart, make sure to stop by the Flying Horses Carousel. It’s the oldest operating platform carousel in America, and it’s such a whimsical experience. Between breakfast, the carousel, and some beach time, you’ll have a lovely morning soaking in all the charm that Oak Bluffs has to offer.

Where to Stay on Martha’s Vineyard…

Stay tuned for the next part of this series: “Inside Martha’s Vineyard: Where to Stay.” I’ll share all my tips and favorite spots to make your stay unforgettable.

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Until next time, enjoy your adventures and keep shining bright! 💖

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