I’m a Size 18– Here’s Everything I Wore to the Kentucky Derby

Hey dolls! I’m back from the Kentucky Derby and happy to share how I created my outfits, the aesthetic I wanted and stayed within my downsized budget all at the same time.

What are CeCe Olisa’s Sizes

For reference my sizes are: Height: 5’10 Top: size 14 Bottom: size 18 Shoe: 11 wide. Let’s kick things off with a little vibe check video so you can see the aesthetic I created:


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How did I do it? I rented all of my dresses– let’s talk about how Rent the Runway has been a game-changer in my soft life downsizing era. As a curvy size 18, finding fabulous outfits can sometimes be a challenge, but Rent the Runway makes it so much easier. It was the perfect choice for mixing rented pieces with my tried-and-true luxe items, allowing me to maintain my lifestyle and aesthetic while staying smart about where I splurge and where I save.

CeCe Olisa’s Kentucky Derby Outfit List


You know, one of the key principles I live by now is mindful purchasing. Before I buy anything, I always ask myself, “Do I truly need this? Will I use it often?” This simple question has helped me avoid so much unnecessary clutter and stress.

Rent the Runway fits perfectly into this mindset. Instead of filling my closet with items I might only wear once or twice, I can rent beautiful, high-quality pieces for any occasion. It’s all about quality over quantity. Investing in multifunctional items that bring real value to my life rather than accumulating lots of stuff I don’t need has made such a difference.

Plus, this approach is fantastic for the environment and my budget! I get to enjoy a variety of stylish outfits without the commitment or the cost of buying them outright. For the Kentucky Derby, combining rented pieces with my favorite luxe items made me feel fabulous and true to my downsizing and mindful living goals. I even rocked a Ralph Lauren sweater from Rent the Runway on my flight home!

Dolls, you can totally adopt these principles and make mindful purchases that support your soft life. Remember, it’s all about making choices that enrich your life, not just your closet. Stay tuned!

p.s. Curious about how I navigate Rent the Runway Plus Sizes? Read this Review

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