Hurricane Sandy & #PSPfit Week 2 (Weekly Weigh-in)

This has been an intense week here in New York City. A lot of you reached out to me via twitter, facebook, email, etc. to see how I was braving the hurricane. The short answer is that I’m fine, safe and sound, thank God. While my office isn’t ready for us to return to just yet, my apartment is in upper Manhattan, so the flooding/fallen trees/power loss has been minimal. I actually ended up turning my place into a hotel for some friends who needed a place to stay.

While prepping to be stuck in my apartment for days, I realized that I wouldn’t be hitting the gym, so if I wanted to lost the 2 pounds I mentioned last week I’d have to watch my eating in a serious way. Here’s what I did:

1.) I did not drink during the hurricane. Lots of people were stocking up on wine and beer. While my wine rack is fully stocked, I decided that because I wasn’t burning my usual amount of calories, I couldn’t afford to drink anything but water.

2.) I skipped carb-filled munchies. During Hurricane Irene last year, I bought a lot of crackers/cookies. This time, I focused on proteins. I munched on seaweed snacks and almonds between meals.

3.) I kept moving! A friend was kind enough to send me one of those crazy workout DVD’s via email, so I went through that on day one of Sandy. Then on day two when we were allowed to go outside, I went on a 4 mile walk.

These three steps helped me to lose 2 pounds this week! I also was able to fit into a sweater that was too small when I purchased it last season:

The #PSPfit participants on instagram and twitter have been super inspirational, “@_Chunk_” lost 5 pounds during week one!

I also love seeing the #PSPfit hastag on Instagram blowing up with curvy girls breaking a sweat and looking fantastic! Shoutouts to “@skinnyminority”, “CoogieCruz” and “shortiesensei”

The #PSPfit girls on Instagram & Twitter also make some yummy food choices, like “@Kiyasjoy” who always has a veggie with her sanwiches at work instead of chips or french fries. *waving hi* to “@stellarcanicula”, “@blkgrlsdontdate” too! That’s one of my lunches on the bottom right Instagram “@plussizeprincess”

How did you guys do this week? Any weight loss/gains?

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  1. Nothing happened in Upper Manhattan… Instead of posting about how it was an intense week .. why not post where you can volunteer or donate? instead of how you opened up your apt or how to lose 2lbs. I’m really starting to dislike this blog

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