How to Wear Wide Leg Jeans (Easiest Hack Ever!)

When I walk down the streets of New York City, I’m noticing that wide leg jeans are starting to pop up more and more, perhaps for obvious reasons; they elongate the legs, are super comfortable, and give a retro vibe that everyone is loving these days.

So… why have I been so hesitant to wear them myself?

I think going from skinny jeans to wide leg denim felt a little extreme for me. Does anyone else feel the same?

I ordered a these plus size wide leg jeans in “Indigo” so that I could play around with this style a little more. I ordered a size 18 (my typical size), but these jeans run a bit small, so I exchanged them for a size 22. Keep reading for more tips on sizing.

If you’re feeling uneasy about giving your skinny jeans a break, don’t worry – here’s the hack to feeling good while rocking this fresh trend:

Plus Size Pink Button Down: Woman Within | Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans: Woman Within | Wide Width Nude Heels: Woman Within

I scooped up these plus size wide leg jeans from Woman Within, which is my secret go-to website for hard to find sizing. Woman Within is the best place to find plus size tall pants, plus size petites and cute wide width shoes. You may find that Woman Within has a lot of prints on their pieces, if that’s not your style don’t worry there are usually multiple color options on each item so you can find a great piece in a color/print that suits your aesthetic. I find myself getting my classic looks from their site that work for a variety of events.

That’s how I put together this wide leg pant look, I swapped out the floral version of this shirt for a classic striped print, easy peasy!

Now for my wide leg jean styling hack…

The secret to rocking wide leg jeans with confidence is this: Embrace the WIDE in Wide Leg Jeans.

As a plus size person, I have to remind myself that it’s okay for me to take up space. The first time I put on wide leg jeans, I remember thinking “wow, these sure are… WIDE!” but, is there anything wrong with that? Nope!

One of the ways I embraced the “wide” is by getting these jeans a size too big. When I ordered a pair that fit snug, I felt myself focusing in on my belly and how it looked. I liked the slouchy look because it hung loosely on my waist and hips so I paid more attention to the jeans and how cute they are instead of if my lower tummy was showing too much.

The slouchy look isn’t something I often go for, but I really liked the relaxed vibe. Leaning into the “wide” in a more extreme way gives me a more styled/intentional look and I really like that.

Plus Size Pink Button Down: Woman Within | Plus Size Wide Leg Jeans: Woman Within | Wide Width Nude Heels: Woman Within

Eventually, I did get my wide leg jeans tailored and tapered in a bit at the waist, but as always it’s easier to buy something slightly too big and get it fit to your body.

I’ll be wearing the tailored version of these jeans on my instagram next week, so stay tuned.

Have you tried wide leg jeans yet?

This post is a collaboration with my friends at Woman Within, all opinions are my own.

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