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One of the most delicious green smoothies you will ever have is a Kale-a-Colada created by our #PSPfit Nutrition coach, Abra Pappa. Today, you’re in luck because we’re sending you the recipe for this amazing treat.

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kale a colada abra

Photo via Abra Pappa’s Nutritious America

Traveling with healthy food is getting easier and easier. Green smoothies are a must, so a few weeks ago when I flew to California in the middle of #PSPfit bootcamp I packed my Nutribullet to stay on track. I had NEVER even considered doing that before, but sometimes you have to be willing to go the extra mile when it comes to your health. Everything I needed to make my smoothies was airport/TSA friendly so it was easy to wake up each morning in my hotel room 100% prepared for a healthy breakfast.

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I made a basic green smoothie in my hotel room and skipped the waffles and muffins they served each morning. But I have an amazing green smoothie recipe for you down below!

To make a basic smoothie in a hotel room you need:

  • Nutribullet (plane friendly)
  • Fruit Slices (plane friendly)
  • Chopped Greens (plane friendly)
  • Ice (hotel provided)
  • Water (hotel provided)

Here’s me making a green smoothie in the hotel room. Yup, I’m rocking my granny nightgown, a sweater and no makeup #Iwokeuplikethis:

How do you make healthy choices while traveling?

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