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Use Organic Items

The other day a friend came by and said “your apartment feels like home…” it made me feel grateful that I trusted myself with the decor. For me it isn’t about what looks good based on certain style criteria, it’s truly about what feels good.

Something I’m learning about myself is that I really love a clean peaceful space.

I always had great roommates, but I never lived in an apartment that I was 100% in love with. I was always out running around in the city because I didn’t want to be inside my house. These days I look forward to my time at home, I’m so grateful!

When I ordered this mini greenhouse, I knew that most people would probably put plants inside but I’m not a huge plant person.

Roses? Every week, duh!

Plants? I’m learning…

I don’t know how I came up with the idea of filling the mini greenhouse with lemons, but I got the idea and I went with it! I like the bright yellow against the blushes. I like that it’s an organic element, but it’s not a plant that I have to keep alive while I travel. Maybe one of you will share some deeper meaning around the lemons in my home… I’m open to hearing your thoughts!

It takes about 26 lemons to fill the mini greenhouse, but it’s only a few dollars each week and I use them for juicing and cooking too. This summer, I’ve been making a LOT of lemonade for guests.

I like the ritual of bringing fresh beautiful things like flowers and fruit into my apartment each week. For me, having the time and resources to do something nice for myself every weekend is a sign of routine and stability. It’s something I wanted to do before, but couldn’t afford. Life for me aint been no crystal stair, but today we celebrate progress with little things like roses and fruit.

Being a single girl who can do things like this for herself is something I’ve worked really hard for. When God wants to send a man to bring me roses each week, I won’t turn it down… but for now, I’m happy. Good looking out, God!

What’s in this picture:

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4 thoughts on “How to Decorate a Small Apartment (on a Budget!) | Kitchen Tour”

  1. Hi Cece,
    I admire your transparency. Your apartment is beautiful and reflects you. I would love to see what you have done with your bathroom.

  2. The apartment is coming along nicely. Ohh I’d love to see the bedroom next. Congrats on getting your own space. Enjoy this time in your life!

  3. I love the lemon greenhouse! I actually recently got a small tattoo of a lemon on my arm. Mostly, because I like lemons. But also, life has unfortunately handed me some big “lemons” lately, and I like the reminder that it is up to me to determine how I react/recover/let them impact my overall life (whether I “make lemonade”). Even if you haven’t had “lemons” lately, I think it’s a good message!
    Anyway, keep the budget tips coming!

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