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A few months ago, I moved into my dream apartment here in New York City. This apartment is the first time I’ve rented a space completely on my own with no help from my parents. I’m growing up, yall!

At first when I moved in, I was really intimidated by the idea of interior decorating. I was convinced that I didn’t have the talent for home decor. I reached out to a bunch of decorators to help me, but no one I contacted was the right fit.

I’m learning in life, that if something isn’t coming together smoothly, it means I need to take a pause and revisit my approach.

I sat in a semi-furnished apartment for MONTHS and then it finally hit me… maybe I should be the one to decorate my space! I know what I like and more importantly, I know how I want my home to feel.

As a Cancerian (June 26th), my living space is like my crab shell. I want to feel safe and cozy! So, maybe my new apartment would feel most like home if I had a hand in decorating it myself.

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Instead of stressing about having a “pinterest perfect” space, I decided to just have fun and see what I could do on my own. I’m pleased with how it’s all coming together so far (I’m not done).

The other day, I tried to shoot an apartment progress tour for you, but it was such a gloomy day that we decided to wait for better lighting.

In the meantime, I’ll share a few hacks I use to decorate my small apartment on a budget.

Here are my top 4 Budget Friendly Home Decor Hacks.

Choose a Strong Accent Color

At first I thought I was going to buy a pink velvet sofa like this as the centerpiece of my space. But lately I’ve had more of a minimalist vibe going, so I chose to get nuetral large pieces and then play with different tones of pink as an accent color throughout my apartment.

This saved me money, because instead of spending $1,000+ on a single pink moment, I could spend $40 on a blush pillow or a few hundred dollars on these pink velvet barstools!

These Pink Velvet Bar Stools come in a set of two. I had a friend put them together and he was able to assemble all four stools without any tools. (and for those of you wondering who “he” is… he’s just a friend and mind your business! lol)

My friend rolled his eyes that I didn’t have a toolbox, so I bought one of these pink toolbox sets on amazon which came in handy the next time he put together this shoe storage cabinet for my entryway. More on that in a future post.

This grey and white area rug is my favorite find so far, it features high-low ogee design and it comes in a few different size and colors. The print feels grown up, but fun and it feels great on bare feet (I’m have a “no shoes” home).

What’s in this picture:

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4 thoughts on “How to Decorate a Small Apartment (on a Budget!) | Kitchen Tour”

  1. Hi Cece,
    I admire your transparency. Your apartment is beautiful and reflects you. I would love to see what you have done with your bathroom.

  2. The apartment is coming along nicely. Ohh I’d love to see the bedroom next. Congrats on getting your own space. Enjoy this time in your life!

  3. I love the lemon greenhouse! I actually recently got a small tattoo of a lemon on my arm. Mostly, because I like lemons. But also, life has unfortunately handed me some big “lemons” lately, and I like the reminder that it is up to me to determine how I react/recover/let them impact my overall life (whether I “make lemonade”). Even if you haven’t had “lemons” lately, I think it’s a good message!
    Anyway, keep the budget tips coming!

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