How I Moved into My DREAM Apartment

Weirdly enough, this move was something that I struggled with for quite some time. I felt embarrassed and debated whether or not this apartment would be too fancy for me at this time in my life.

After talking to my therapist and my parents, I learned that often times people of color have shame around their success. I can definitely identify with this — the struggle has been real for so long, that I didn’t realize the come up has been real too.

I’ve always been transparent with you, so in today’s video I’m sharing the full story of how I got from a modest apartment to my dream space. Watch the video and leave a comment with your thoughts…

Exciting news…I’m officially moved into my new apartment! I still can’t believe the space that God has opened for me. I never saw this coming, I thought it would be years, or when I was married that I would be able to live in a place like this.

As I move into this next stage of my life, I am reflecting back on these past 12 months. It has been a series of ups and downs, highs and lows. But through it all, God has been faithful, and everything that I’ve gone through leads me to where I am today.

I hope that my journey encourages you to keep pursuing your goals. The things that we dream about are possible. It is easy to get caught up in our own thoughts and feelings of not being worthy of something so amazing. I certainly felt like I didn’t deserve such a gift. But as Proverbs 18:16 states, “Your gifts will make room for you.”

Just keep doing you, go after your dreams, and watch what happens.

10 thoughts on “How I Moved into My DREAM Apartment”

  1. Congratulations!

    Your video could not be more timely. I’m in a similar situation – I have lived in a bare bones studio for the past several years, despite my good income, in order to focus on paying my student loans while still being able to spend carelessly in my social life, travel, etc. Recently I’ve had a few ISSUES in my apartment like yours and I’m no longer happy in my space. It’s motivating me to seriously budget for myself and try to purchase a place as a single woman! It’s scary but this made me feel more motivated to stop being scared and at least try it. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Many congrats on receiving & enjoying the sweet fruits of your labor.
    Your new home is so warm and full of good vibes; I can’t wait to see the love and joy you will pour into it as you decorate! Cheers to more new & exciting blessings to come … We’re moving on up!!!

  3. Oh CeCe your apartment is great! Reminds me of my days living in NYC in my loft apartment. Fun times! Congratulations on your milestone. You deserve it and your not even done yet! So many more blessings coming your way. You’re place is beautiful and I love the view!

  4. How wonderful! Congratulations! What a lovely apartment. And the view? You have a world class, travel-brochure worthy view there.

    Personally, if I had such a view and a balcony, i would spend all the time I could on the balcony with a comfortable chair, my laptop, and a cup of dark roast coffee.

  5. Thank you so much for making this video. I had a similar transition this year moving into my own space in a fancy neighborhood in Boston—something I never thought was possible AT ALL as I had been loving in a less desireable zip code with THREE roommates (ugh) thinking that was all I could really afford. Even though my rent has doubled, living alone and in my dream neighborhood has been so amazing, even as I travel less and make fewer luxury purchases haha. I credit a few things: having started an actual budget last year gave me the clarity to realize I COULD afford this apartment and the means to have the funds available upfront when I stumbled on this apartment, and having a mentor who said, you CAN make this work financially if it is a priority for you. Living with three roommates was my comfort zone but was no longer working for me and my own mental health. The second part I wanted to comment on was the idea of waiting on a man/ partner to enjoy certain lifestyle perks. While I do want to meet the right person (at the right time!!) I have come to realize that I needn’t hold myself back UNTIL he comes along…and likely my success, perspective, and confidence will be part of what attracts him to me in the first place! Ha! Anyway thank you for once again posting such relatable content ?

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