Happy Feet, Skinny Tees & Sweet Valley Confidential (Friday Giveaway!)

Happy Friday!

Three things made me happy this week:

1.) Skinny Tees are advertised as “the diet you wear” these comfy, colorful cami’s are built to smooth out lumps and make a seamless curvy figure. I’ve worn Skinny Tees in a few different colors this week and I think they do a good job of smoothing without rolling. I still wore them with spanx, but I really like them. The part I love about them is that I was able to run some errands without a bra!

2.) Happy Feet Insoles are amazing! I wore them with a pair of stilettos this week and with every step I felt like I was getting a foot massage. These insoles are filled with strategically placed liquid and when you walk the liquid moves under your feet. At $39.95, they’re a little more expensive than regular insoles from the drug store, but they’re sooo worth it. (They’ll also cut them for flip-flop sandals if you need it).

3.) Sweet Valley Confidential marks the return of Elizabeth & Jessica Wakefield, the twins from Sweet Valley! I used to devour these books growing up, and reading the latest installment of their lives (at 27 years old) is a guilty pleasure that I’m getting a kick out of.

Soooo I have a gift pack of these three items (Skinny Tees, Happy Feet and a copy of Sweet Valley Confidential) for a lucky TBGB reader… just leave a comment on this post to win!





74 thoughts on “Happy Feet, Skinny Tees & Sweet Valley Confidential (Friday Giveaway!)”

  1. Hi Cece!

    I love your blog and follow it religiously! It is so great to see that being a plus size girl doesn’t mean that you have to settle for anything less than perfection!

    I would love to win this giveaway!

    Cathrine from Denmark

  2. I nearly fell over and died last week when I walked into the store and saw Sweet Valley Confidential. I spent most of the 90’s wishing I had a twin! Lol. Thanks for doing this, you’ve put together a really great giveaway.

  3. your dating stories are hilariously true and i may have to cite them in the future as proof that these things don’t only happen to me!

    i feel as i get older i have a low tolerance for the pain of cute high heels, but i love them so! i’d be interested to see how these happy feet work πŸ™‚ yay for the weekend!

  4. I just spent 7.5hrs on my feet shopping last night so some Happy Feet would be sooo welcome!!! (What?…. I was at a huge thrift store and I think my size-twin must have had some serious surgery or grown a fifth limb and donated all her clothes because there was a sizable amount of amazing brand new gorgeous finds! Dressy, business, casual, stilettos, even a brand new lacy bra with tags still on!!) Win!

    Loving the blog, CeCe!

  5. Aww man this sounds perfect! I’ve been meaning to catch up with Sweet Valley. Plus those insoles sound to die for! My feet are so sore from yesterday!

  6. OMG I must have been living under a rock! I had no idea there was a new Sweet Valley out!! And since my birthday is next week, maybe I’ll win! Thanks for giving us such an awesome blog to read CeCe!

  7. I just got a fantastic pair of new heels that are kiiilllling my feet. And a cami I can wear without a bra? awesome!

  8. I wonder if those insoles would work in ballet flats? I’m a photographer for events, so heels are out as a wardrobe option, and at the end of the night after running all over in ballet flats I can barely walk. I would love to try them out, and who wouldn’t want the new Sweet Valley book for poolside reading this summer? πŸ™‚

  9. I suggested Sweet Valley Confidential to my book club…so sad when only 3 of us voted for it! Can’t wait to read it! And I love the skinny tees.

  10. I found your blog a few months ago & I follow u on twitter. I think you are an amazing woman to share so much with us & especially for some of us that have never had the strength to be so confident within ourselves!! You have made a difference in my life – Thank You!!

  11. I have been a lurker for awhile, and I am SO glad to read your review of the Skinny Tees! I’ve had my eye on them, and, I must admit, I was a skeptic. That’s for the insight!

  12. I’ve been reading your blog for only a few weeks, but I love it.
    Even if I don’t win the give away I’m thinking I will still look into trying the skinny tees!

  13. I’ll take not needing to wear a bra anyday! Would love to win this giveaway! Keep up with the great work with the blog and happy Friday!

  14. I am too excited about the Sweet Valley book. I have such fond memories of Elizabeth and Jessica. *lol* Those skinny tees look super cute and like something I need in my wardrobe.

  15. I love your blog and all your advice. You tell it like it is which is a refreshing change!

    I would love to win that prize pack. I have a pair of wedges that are not at all comfortable but one of my favorite pairs of shoes so I could really use those inserts. Who couldn’t use a little smoothing out…those camis sound perfect and I must admit that I was a Sweet Valley Twins fanatic (although it’s been probably 20 years) so it would be fun to read the news ones just for old times sake. πŸ™‚

  16. Cece, you are such a sweetheart always hooking up your readers with awesome giveaways! Those insoles sound amazing, hope I get to be the one to try them out! πŸ˜€

  17. Thanks for telling us about skinny tees. I was looking for new tanks for my Miami trip, and I was planning on wearing heels out there. I never wear heels anyway I’m pretty sure I would die without the insoles.

  18. OMG, The tees sound awesome. Where can I get those? I have not read a SVH book since I was in high school. I am assuming the girls have grownup now? I hope so! As for the recommendation of the insoles, I so need to check into them. I hate when I wear my heels and my the end of the night I am walking around barefoot because I now have blisters on the pads of my feet πŸ™ Love your blog πŸ™‚

  19. Everything about this giveaway is phenomenal!!! I love your blog! It’s seriously one of my daily check-ins. It’s wonderful to hear about a real girl in a real city! Good luck to all you ladies out there! Have an UNFORGETTABLE

  20. Hi Cece! I’ve been reading your blog for about six months now… love it. I can relate to so many of your posts. These three items sound great. I’m always having issues finding layering pieces that can also “suck you in”… they ride up or stretch out. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  21. First things first, I love your blog!! My life is so completly opposite from yours, I live in a smallish town in Washington State, and have been with my husband for 17 years. We were high school sweet hearts. But I think that’s why I enjoy you so much, you show me a different side of life. I love this giveaway, especially the book, which would go straight to my assistant. She has a serious Sweet Valley obsession. She’s a new mom and this would be perfect for her! I’d keep the rest for myself though! Thanks for the great reading!

  22. Great finds CeCe! I’ve been a fan of your blog for the past few months. Now seemed like a great time to pop in an say “Hi!” Keep up the great posts!

  23. I loved SV when I was younger, but I haven’t seen the new book anywhere! Awesome!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  24. I’m so excited to finally make it onto a giveaway post! Oh, and I’m moving to NY in August, so hopefully I’ll be able to fully use your advice on fun places to

    Love the blog!

  25. Love the blog Cece! As a long time reader(and lurker *shame face*) I just want you to know that your entries are just like sitting down and chatting with one of my girlfriends. As a recent transplant to the Northeast from the South it is nice to get great advice about life up here!

  26. Hi I was just referred to your blog and I’ve been reading all your back stuff. Thank you for being so honest with your life and I too grew up on Sweet Valley High so I’m reading the book right now.

  27. Ahhh Happy Feet sound awesome – I hope they’re as good as you say. I love my heels and want to be able to wear them more.

  28. Wow the skinny tees look amazing. I wonder if I could find some of them where I live. It’s real nice that they’re available in lots of colour, when I find one that looks like those in my size, they usually come in one or two colors, usually the most boring ones.

    Happy Friday!

  29. I’ve been wanting to read the “Sweet Valley Confidential” book so badly! I am not a heels girl (I love the way they look, just can’t deal with how they feel!), so the insoles would be perfect for me!

  30. OH EM GEE!!!! Sweet Valley Confidential! I used to read 3 Sweet Valley Twin Books a day when I was younger 9-13 years old to be exact! I MUST get my hands on some Jessica and Elizabeth =D

  31. I am so excited for the SV Confidential! I loved these books growing up and this is going to be such a guilty pleasure!

  32. Wow, the return of Sweet Valley! That’s a serious comeback, lol. And the skinny tees and happy feet sound perfect for “big girl” needs!

  33. rochelle's tears

    I love your blog and check for updates every day. Although I am not a big girl anymore, I used to be until several years ago after losing weight. Inside, I still feel ‘big’ which I’m realizing isn’t such a bad thing to feel after all!!! You are so inspiring!!!

  34. Great blog… love love love sweet valley. I think I might have read ever single one of them growing up!

  35. I definitely want to try Happy Feet. I love high heels, but I have such a hard time wearing them. I know I need to wear them more to get used to it, but it’s hard because they hurt so much. Frustrating! Anyway, thanks for the giveaway. Hope I’m not too late to enter.

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