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I created this exclusive subscription for women who don’t want to wait on their weight. For the girl who wants to be a creative entrepreneur so she can become her own sugar daddy. And for all of the women who believe that health is a practice, not a pant size.

You’re Invited

Hey Doll, I’m so happy to see you here! I’ve created a brand new online digital experience just for you! Curvy Girls Guide is my all-new, monthly subscription for plus size women. I’d love to show you around!  


Here’s what’s inside
the Curvy Girls Guide to Fall:

September Sessions at a glance*

  • Your LIVE Monthly Q+A: Curvy Girls Guide to Social Media
  • Your Monthly Workshop: The Power of Hitting Publish
  • Your Monthly Course: How to Start a Blog
  • Your Monthly Style Guide: Curvy Girls Guide to Fall Fashion
  • Access to my Monthly Calendar
  • Exclusive Instagram Challenges: Not sure what to post? I can help!
  • A gift in your mailbox, from me!

*Dates and Times subject to change

Get the deets below


the workshop

the power of hitting publish

The Power of Hitting Publish: This Fall, we’re focused on social media with The Power of Hitting Publish. I look forward to teaching you how to find your voice, tell your story and build confidence with your social media presence. The skills I teach are the same ones I use to support myself in the most expensive city in the world (while keeping my monthly spa appointment). Are you nervous to get started with a blog, instagram, youtube or podcast, but ready to do it anyway? This workshop is for you!

What You’ll Learn


LIVE 45-minute session: I’ve learned a lot in my journey from insecure anonymous blogger to 250,000+ followers across social media platforms. Do you have a question about instagram, youtube, podcasting or blogging? I’m here to answer! Questions will be asked on a “first come first serve” basis, so arrive early for the pre-party! Doors open at 2:30EST, class begins at 3!


This gorgeous download will give you the perfect plan to HIT PUBLISH. Includes a September content calendar to help you start crushing it online without delay!

video demonstrations

The Power of Hitting Publish (Part One) - Video Course

The Power of Hitting Publish (part Two) - Video Course

Two (2) 45-minute modules from the Confident Creator Lab. Head coach, CeCe Olisa and Lead Coach, Jessica Lynn will walk you through the 10+ ways that you can use social media to support your work. Actionable examples to showcase exactly how HITTING PUBLISH on your favorite social media platform can work to build your brand, create your audience, and monetize it all – easier (and faster) than you thought possible.

QUICK START: how to start a blog

I’m not a technical person, but I learned the basics in order to start my blog. If you want to be a blogger, you’ll need to 1) pick a platform; and 2) figure out how to get set up on that platform.  In my How to Start A Blog Mini-Course, I’ll walk you through the exact steps I used to start hitting publish (which was the foundation of my success).

content checklist

Create content with lasting impact by running it through a simple formula!  I have four basic categories of content that make it easier to find your voice online. 


the works

PLUS You’ll Get

the curvy girls guide to: FALL FASHION

Curvy Girls Guide to: Fall Fashion. My first ever printable style guide! Let’s squeeze the summer out of September. I’ll show you my favorite outfits for a long weekend, easy recipes to celebrate the holiday and my go-to clean beauty lipgloss and the perfect nail shades from a small woman owned business.

instagram challenges

By now you’ve probably recognized that there is a benefit to having an Instagram presence. So, what’s holding you back? Have you ever said things like: “I’d love to post on instagram but, I’m not an influencer!”, or “I’d love to post on instagram but, I don’t want to come off as self absorbed”, or (my favorite) “I’d love to post on instagram but, I have no idea what to post!” I understand how you feel. I’ve been there and I’ve created some easy instagram challenges to help you HIT PUBLISH comfortably and with confidence.


Okay, dolls, here’s the no-brainer: grab this digital calendar and never miss a thing. Cues to help you harness the power of hitting publish plus the inside scoop on everything that is going on in my world. Add my actual calendar to yours and grab exclusive behind-the-scenes access to my personal and professional schedule of events.

the weekly

Every Friday you will receive a special email from me with a preview of my own upcoming Monday blog post (who doesn’t love a sneak peek?!) as well as engaging content cues for you to use with your own platform.  Everything I send you is designed to help you tap into the POWER OF HITTING PUBLISH!

September Mailbag

For the first 100 subscribers! One of my favorite love languages are Giving and Receiving Gifts. Once you subscribe and become part of my Curvy Girls Guide community, I will drop something in the mail from me to you!

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$100.26/mo OR $326/season

Save over $75 with your Seasonal Subscription!  Receive September, October, November, & December Editions of The Curvy Girls Guide for this amazing introductory price.

Founder & Curator

cece olisa

Named one of the “Top 10 New York Fashion Bloggers” by WhoWhatWear and a “person who proves you can be fit at any size” by, CeCe Olisa is a model and co-Founder of theCURVYcon, a plus size fashion convention during New York Fashion Week. CeCe adheres to her motto, “Don’t wait on your weight to live the life you want.”

your investment:
$100.26/mo OR $326/season

Save over $75 with your Seasonal Subscription!  Receive September, October, November, & December Editions of The Curvy Girls Guide for this amazing introductory price.

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