1K Giveaway: LucieLu Gift Cards for Facebook Fans!

I’ve been getting lots of messages from TBGB Facebook Fans asking when I’m going to do a giveaway on Facebook. So… today is the day!

I did a Fashionably Ever After post about LucieLu, a new plus size brand that I’m loving right now and LucieLu was kind enough to provide two $50 gift cards to her store!

In Miami, I wore the Eau Claire dress as a summer look (above) and got lots of compliments!

Now, before we move forward with this contest, I have to say that the TBGB fans on Twitter get really hyped about giveaways and contests. They Tweet, ReTweet and Tweet again when they want to win something, so Facebook Fans you’ve got a high bar set for you, but I know you’re in it to win it!
Here’s how the contest will go:

1.) Become a fan (or “like”) The Big Girl Blog on Facebook
2.) Become a fan (or “like”) LucieLu on Facebook
3.) Update your status with this phrase: “I follow @The Big Girl Blog & @LucieLu because I’m a Plus Size Princess who loves fashion!
***Make sure you use the “@” so that we’re both tagged in your post*** …and voila! you’re entered to win one of TWO $50 gift cards to LucieLu.
Ready? Set? Go!

6 thoughts on “1K Giveaway: LucieLu Gift Cards for Facebook Fans!”

  1. unrelated to this post, but I just wanted to say I love your blog, love the earnest writing style. There are a lot of perspectives and views out there on weight but I like seeing one that really humanizes the whole thing and is really straight forward. One of my new favorite blogs!


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