My Favorite Prosecco Cocktail Recipe!

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I always have Prosecco chilled in my fridge– this way I’m always prepared to celebrate! Lately, I’ve been sipping on Prosecco from Cupcake Vineyards. It feels good to have a friend over for dinner and toast to her accomplishments (or mine!). Thankfully with the dope group of women I have in my circle, celebrations happen often at my apartment!

My friends at Cupcake Vineyards sent me a few bottles to pop, in celebration of my 2019. This has been a year of answered prayers. If you follow me on Instagram you know that we accomplished a lot together: theCURVYcon 5 year anniversary, traveling to Paris for the Women’s World Cup, modeling campaigns, working with fashion brands as they expanded into plus… God is amazing!

Chastity was in town last week, so I decided to make one of my favorite cocktails for us: Cupcake Prosecco with elderflower liqueur.

I’m pretty sure I first heard about this combination on a TV show,and somehow it’s become a fave. I absolutely adore elderflower.

It blends perfectly with the lovely white peach, honeydew and grapefruit notes in Cupcake Vineyard’s Prosecco.

Here’s how I make it: I simply pour a glass of Cupcake Vineyards Prosecco, then add a shot of elderflower liqueur. When I want it less sweet, I add a ½ shot of flavored liquor.


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