Life Update: November

Hello, Dolls!

Let’s talk about the beautiful chaos of having a lot on your plate. Right now, my life is a whirlwind – moving to a new apartment and launching a brand new Cocoa by CeCe product simultaneously. Can you say double the excitement, double the hustle?

Now, my apartment might look like a hurricane swept through it, and my to-do list could rival the length of a CVS receipt, but here’s the thing: balance is not about having everything in perfect order. It’s about navigating the dance of chaos with grace.

As I juggle boxes and navigate spreadsheets, I’m reminded that it’s okay for things to be messy sometimes. Life is messy, beautiful, and wonderfully unpredictable. So, here’s your friendly reminder, whether you’re launching a new project, moving, or doing both like me – you got this!

Nike Plus Size Leggings…

In the midst of packing and team calls, I’m rocking my go-to Nike Essentials – Zenvy leggings (available up to size 4X) I love to style these with an oversized sweatshirt for that comfy cropped fit. From box packing to Zoom calls to a treadmill stroll, these essentials keep me in the zone.

CeCe Olisa’s Sizing Details

Top: size XL, Leggings: plus size 2XL Shoes: size 11.5

For reference my sizes are: Height: 5’10 Top: size 14 Bottom: size 18 Shoe: 11 wide

Dancing Through Chaos…

Take a breath, embrace the chaos, and know that the messiness is just a part of the journey. Balance isn’t about having it all together; it’s about finding peace amid the whirlwind. So, dance through the chaos, my friend, and remember that every step forward, no matter how small, is a victory.

Cheers to embracing the mess and finding your balance in the dance of life!

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With love and positive vibes

P.s. This update is proudly sponsored by Nike and the soft and breathable Zenvy Leggings #teamnike

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