How to Date Hot Guys

Hello, my name is CeCe Olisa. You may know me as co-founder of theCURVYcon, you may know me as a model for brands like Nike and LOFT or you may know me from my Tedx Talk ‘How to Build Self Confidence’…either way, I’m glad you’re here.

So, let’s jump right into it

There’s a rumor about me that I date attractive men.

Some of you have seen me around New York City on dates or you’ve caught a glimpse of me with a boyfriend at events like theCURVYcon.

I must admit, I blushed a little bit when this question was sent to me via Instagram DM:

I’ve been asked this question many times before and now I’m finally confident enough to speak with you about it. I’m ready to share the details of how I date hot guys, exclusively inside my private community of women who don’t want to wait on their weight to live the life that they desire.



The curvy girls guide Presents:

How to Date Hot Guys

I’m eager to teach you everything I know from 





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Here’s what’s inside
the Curvy Girls Guide presents: How to Date Hot Guys

winter class schedule:

  • December – How to Date with Confidence
  • January – How to Create a Boudoir Photoshoot (just in time for Valentine’s Day!)
  • February – My Boyfriend is smaller than me
  • March – The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Brazilian Waxing (just in time for summer!)

*Dates and Times subject to change

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The Curvy Girl's Guide Presents:

How to date with confidence

december workshop

I recently launched a  video series called “How to Date Hot Guys” where I started to spill all the dating tea.

For the December Workshop, we’ll continue to dive deeper into  confidence, wellness, style and creativity through the lens of dating.

Monthly Workshop

How to Date with Confidence

Once a month, join The Curvy Girl’s Guide community and I during a live workshop + Q&A session. Have a question about dating? Want to know the tea? I’m here to answer!

As always, you’ll get the chance to submit your questions during registration and during the Zoom.

Topics coming in 2021 include…

Course ONE

How to Date with confidence

course two

How to create a boudoir photo shoot

course three

My Boyfriend is smaller than me

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the works

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Founder & Curator

cece olisa

Named one of the “Top 10 New York Fashion Bloggers” by WhoWhatWear and a “person who proves you can be fit at any size” by, CeCe Olisa is a model and co-Founder of theCURVYcon, a plus size fashion convention during New York Fashion Week. CeCe adheres to her motto, “Don’t wait on your weight to live the life you want.”


Doors Open Soon. Join the Waiting List now.

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