Curvy Conversations: “Friends are Friends, Aren’t They?”

This question was left on my last entry:

I had a question for you, because I’m a little confused: why do you distinguish your “skinny” friends as being skinny but not your PSP friend as being PSP? Friends are friends, aren’t they?


Hi Fyre,

That’s an interesting question… I think maybe its more of a commentary on how acutely aware I am of my own size.

When I first began TBGB, I didn’t use the (skinny) distinction. But I’m always looking for ways to allow anyone who reads my blog to absorb exactly what my experience is at any given point. Because of the nature of this narrative, I think its important to give as much of a visual as possible. From the outfits I wear, to the area of town I’m in, to the physical attributes of the people I’m with.

If you notice; I always write “(skinny)friend”, I made a conscious choice to use parenthesis around the word “skinny” when making the distinction, because to me its information the reader needs to have, but its not the most important part of my entries.

Another reason you don’t see the PSP distinction as much is that sadly, I don’t have too many PSP friends. When I am talking about PSP’s that I socialize with, its often during a BBW event, so the distinction isn’t needed.

If anything, my life experiences have been that my relationships with my (skinny)friends are the ones that are built to last. If you saw the cast of characters that make my life (and this blog) rich, you would see people of varying ethnicity’s, shapes, sizes, genders and sexual orientations who all choose to love and support a girl who happens to have a weight problem. I would never want to give the impression that I measure the quality of my relationships by what size jeans my friends wear, because my friends don’t do that to me.

I hope that answers your question….


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5 thoughts on “Curvy Conversations: “Friends are Friends, Aren’t They?””

  1. Great answer to the question! I think this is the case with many of us PSP's… its tough to live in this world and NOT notice your size. I think one of the reasons I identify so closely with your blog, is that I am always… ALWAYS aware of my size and how it makes me stand out (or not) depending on which atmosphere I'm in. Its always something that's on my mind and under consideration. Just because someone who is skinny doesn't understand that, does not make it any less real for those of us with voluptuous body types. This is by no means an attack on the person behind the question.. if anything, just another little peek into the world of someone who is never NOT focused in some way, on her weight.
    Great entry!
    i'm so glad i've found you on twitter!!!

  2. Thanks for that post. I guess I am what you would classify as "skinny" and I have a PSP friend, but I don't even notice it because she is one of my nearest and dearest…

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