Curvation Presents: #ShapeOfBeauty!

This post brought to you by Curvation. All opinions are 100% mine.

Growing up, I was the first girl in my class to wear a bra. It felt like “The Twins” decided to grow overnight and suddenly I was aware of my body in a new way. Sometimes it was exciting, sometimes it was embarrassing but wearing a bra for the first time definitely sparked my journey to becoming a confident Plus Size Princess.

I figured out early on that the wrong bra could ruin my entire day (underwire breaking in the middle of class? ouch!) So, whether it was catalogs or specialty shops, I always made sure I had bras that I thought were cute and fun. I refused to go to the boring black, white and tan section. As my curves evolved and grew it took an extra effort to find bras that met my standards, but having bras that I felt good in helped with my body image and they still do.

So, when Curvation asked me to be a part of their #ShapeOfBeauty campaign, I sat there in shock for a few minutes… then I eagerly said yes!

#ShapeOfBeauty is taking on the idea that style and beauty is Size Neutral… (isn’t it great when brands start to realize what we’ve known all along!)

Curvation is embracing Plus Size Princesses and we embrace ourselves, watch this video to see what they’re up to:

Like what you see? Go to Curvation on Facebook, “like” their page and tell them what you think. Over the next few months I’ll be working with them to celebrate #ShapeOfBeauty and give them our feedback… we have their ear!

What do you think of the video? What do you look for in a bra? Chime in below…

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6 thoughts on “Curvation Presents: #ShapeOfBeauty!”

  1. shoot. I actually cried a little.
    It’s been a long time coming, so glad it’s here! Positive body image. Embrace it!!
    I’m not 100, lol, but I could be your Mom and I’m just so proud of you and your generation. Enjoy your work with Curvation!

  2. Cute video although those bras are a little plain jane to me. I like mine to lift up the girls (must have underwire) and look really cute and/or romantic. Lace, embroidery, pretty frilly trims, prints yes! lol

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