The Morning Routine Method

Curate Your Morning, Create Your Life

 Spring 2021

 40-Day Course, Coaching and Continuum

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course emphasizes the importance of the first:

17 seconds

20 minutes

and hour of your day

I am a firm believer that curating a solid hour-long morning routine that begins the *moment* you wake up will help you build confidence, cultivate creativity and figure out how to live the life that you want.

My morning routine method is centered on the three things:

  1. Journaling (3 pages per day)
  2. Joyful Movement (dance party, yes! bootcamp, no!)
  3. Creative Expression (this is the fun part that we figure out together!)

Remember, creativity is at the core of all of our femininity. If you find yourself feeling… blah. or meh. It might be because you lack creative expression in your life.

and please don’t tell me that you’re not creative!

if you’ve ever been broke and stretched a tiny amount of money over a long period of time… that’s creativity!

if you’ve ever had a good idea in the shower, that’s creativity!

You do not have to be a traditional “artist” to spark creativity in your own life and use it to build the confidence you need to live the life you want.

OBJECTIVES: Using The Morning Routine Method, you will be able to:

Start each day with an achievable strategy

Get out of a rut and create the life you want

Discover what lights you up

Create time for yourself

Navigate setbacks

Listen to your inner voice

Stay motivated and consistent

Be selfish sometimes… without shame

Help others

Use creativity as a roadmap for success

Take the next right step in any situation


$998 / 40-day course 

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