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Plus Size Travel: Miami Beach Parasail!

On my last post I said I “might” be going parasailing. That “might” wasn’t because I was unsure of the event taking place, the “might” was because I wasn’t sure if my size would get in the way of my parasailing experience. Parasailing is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and I figured Miami would be the best place to try it out. I can be a little anxious about things and I started having visions of me standing on the beach being told that I was too big to be flown over the ocean. Even though I did lots of research to make sure my weight wouldn’t be an issue, I still had nagging thoughts that it…


Plus Size Travel: Beach Body Image

I woke up this morning and the beautiful view from my hotel room was calling my name. As a California girl, a good beach is one of the best things on earth to me, so I couldn’t wait to go out. I lathered on some sunscreen threw on my bathing suit, a maxi dress and headed downstairs with my girlfriends. The Miami Beach Resort & Spa has a beautiful patio with a swimming pool and a private path that leads to the beach. We grabbed the complimentary beach towels and made our way onto the sand. As much as I love my new SwimSuitsForAll bathing suit, I still have apprehensions about walking around in a bathing suit but I looked…


A Big Girl Rant: Plus Size Travel

It was 8am and my plane was boarding. It wasn’t till I made my way past First Class (I’m not that fabulous… yet) that I remembered something I forgot to do before this trip: LOOSE WEIGHT! Every time I travel on a plane I swear up and down that the next time I fly I will have lost ____ pounds figuring that if I loose enough, perhaps I will get on a plane and not stress about what seat I’m in and how comfortable I (and the people next to me) will be. First I sit down, trying not to bruise my hips as they slide past the arm rests. I usually choose a window seat because the idea of…