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How to be Vulnerable

To me, what she’s asking is pretty simple– how can I be vulnerable and still protect myself?

This is such a good question, it’s something I think about (and work on) all the time.

I understand that it may be tempting to use vulnerability to connect with people online. You can absolutely be vulnerable, but don’t have to “spill all your tea” if you don’t want to.

Here is a rule I follow when it comes to vulnerability in my work.

Travel Blog: My First Trip to Martha’s Vineyard

This summer I rented a house on Martha’s Vineyard with my girlfriends. A lot of my friends went to really fancy schools in Boston, so they’ve been going to Martha’s Vineyard since undergrad, but this was my first time.

I had zero expectations coming into the trip, I just knew I would be on a charming island with my friends. In the end the 7 days we spent on the island is my favorite thing I’ve done all summer.

Martha’s Vineyard is nice because some areas feel like the woods and some areas feel like the beach. I really liked being able to tap into both of those vibes each day.

Before I jump into things to do, here are some quick things I learned.



  When we pulled up to Great Maple, there was a long line of people perched in the parking lot waiting patiently for their names to be called. I was hungry, but usually a line means the food is worth it. It was New Years Day and I was enjoying a gorgeous sunny day in Southern California instead of the bomb cyclone back in New York City, so I was not going to complain about a long wait for brunch. If you follow my instagram stories, you may have seen me being a *tiny* bit petty about my sunny New Years towards Chastity after she called me from her frozen tundra in Atlanta… I swear I tried to leave my…


Want to Quit Your Job? Read This First.

It was 8am on a crisp November Monday. I stepped off of the elevators on the 41st floor of my corporate office in Manhattan’s financial district. As I sat down at my desk, one task zoomed to the top of my to-do list– print my resignation letter and quit my job. I felt a healthy mix of sadness, anxiety and relief. I did things the right way, giving more than 30 days notice, offering to train my replacement. etc. My boss threw me an awesome goodbye party and then, boom four weeks later I was instantly self employed, my own boss, a creative entrepreneur. That was almost three years ago and I’ve been supporting myself on my own terms ever since. Do you…


Travel Diary: 48 Hours in Tallahassee, Florida

When I told my friends I was heading to Tallahassee, Fla., they all had the same question. “What’s in Tallahassee??” My answer: I don’t know… and that’s where the fun begins! I’ve made a commitment to travel in 2017, and while exotic destinations are fun. I love the idea of exploring the hidden gems here in the United States. I’ve been to Miami plenty of times, so when VISIT FLORIDA invited me to come and explore the capital city of Tallahassee, I had no idea what I would do there—and that sounded like an adventure that I wanted to take on. When I arrived in this capital city, I wasn’t sure if I’d have a good time. As I left…


Super Affordable Cute Luggage Sets

When I first moved away for college, I had this eclectic mix of luggage that I took from my parents basement. Plain boring black suitcases in different sizes. I took little swatches of pink sequined fabric from an old prom dress and tied them on the handles of each bag so that when they came down the luggage carousel at the airport I’d know which plain boring black suitcase was mine. For years as I’d shuttle back and forth from New York City to California, I’d grab one of the boring black bags and go. Fast forward to today and I’m working really hard at “adulting”. For me adulting isn’t always about big moves like having babies or buying a…


Travel Diary: Royal Caribbean Cruise from NYC to The Bahamas

Did you know that Royal Caribbean offers cruises that leave from the NYC area? When I think of a quick trip out of NYC, I had no idea I could add a cruise to the Bahamas to the list! I spent 7 nights on Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas ship. This was my first cruise, so I didn’t have an expectations. I arrived with a new swimsuit, an open mind and a suite case full of motion sickness pills (just in case). It took me about 24 hours to get my “sea legs” (you’ll see what that looks like in the video below) and ultimately I never took any of the motion sickness meds I brought. Before I break down the cruise…


Travel Diary: Miami

Miami is one of my favorite cities to visit. It’s an easy/affordable flight from New York City, which makes it the perfect getaway. The past few times I’ve visited Miami, my focus was beach, beach, pool, beach. But when I went to Miami last month my focus was completely different. I was in Miami for 24 hours for a layover during my trip to Cuba. So instead of focusing on the beach, I decided to spend the day exploring Miami’s Wynwood Art District. I spent the day there in my favorite dress from Universal Standard. The Geneva dress is becoming an essential part of my travel wardrobe. I can style this dress in so many ways and it feels like a…