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How to Let Go of Toxic Friends

Thank you for all of the positive comments and emails on my last post, “How Kale Smoothies Helped me Quit My Job” I got a few questions about clearing out toxic friendships. Let’s dig deeper into that today and as always feel free to leave your thoughts/advice in the comments! When I was 12, I wore my half of a “Best Friends Forever” necklace for months after my “best friend” and I stopped speaking. I thought being a good friend meant sticking it out. I thought it meant forgiving and forgetting — no matter what. I was wrong. Keeping friends around is not always the best option, and yet I still struggle with knowing when to make up and when to break up.…


Does Our Weight Affect Our Friendships? | Being Mary Jane Big Girl Recap

I couldn’t give Being Mary Jane two hours of my time yesterday, so I just finished watching the second half of the finale tonight. If you don’t watch the show, I’ll give you a quick recap. Wait– are you judging me for watching it? *blush* All you need to know is that Mary Jane’s ex boyfriend found out that she stole his semen and froze it in the hopes of getting pregnant via turkey baster. (omg, you really are judging me for watching this show, aren’t you?) Anyway, Mary Jane accuses her plus size friend, Nichelle (played by Brely Evans) of being the one who told him. As they argue back and forth, Nichelle says something interesting “What I am…