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The Craziest Diet I’ve Ever Tried (Part One)

It was a rainy Spring day as I sat in Dr. L’s office. Dr. L was an endocrinologist at the largest Upper East Side medical facility in New York. After she went over my results, she glanced down at my feet. “Cute boots,” she said. “Thanks,” I murmured. They were bright orange rubber rain boots with cute little white flowers. A drag queen had given them to me the year before. Usually I would jump right into the random “only in New York” story behind the shoes, but I couldn’t. I was too busy trying to maintain composure despite the lump in my throat. This was a new doctor, but these weren’t new results…. She had run so many tests,…


“Skinny Bitches”

I walked into the gym the other day and was surprised to find a camera man filming on the cardio floor. I found an elliptical machine behind him, so I wouldn’t be filmed during my session. As I began pedaling in place, a woman in a suit walked up to me with an index card in her hand. “Hi, my name is Stacy. I’m with CBS news” “Um… hi” “We’re doing a story based on a recent study that was released saying that some women are less likely to work out as hard when they are working out next to ‘skinny bitches’. You know, those model types that don’t need to be here,” she said. “So could I ask you…