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This is the Real Reason I Workout


Okay, I’ve got a serious question for you—why do you work out?

I’ll admit to you that my workout sessions were not always positive or productive, because I was fighting against my body.

I treated each minute on the treadmill or in a dance class as a punishment for being plus size.

My workouts weren’t joyful.

Plus Size Workout Video: My Swim Routine

When I’m looking for low impact cardio, swimming is my favorite work out.

I swim 1-3 times per week and I love how it makes me feel. Because swimming is a full body work out, 30 minutes in the pool can make me feel the same level of intensity as an hour on the treadmill.

When I’m in the water, I do much more than swim laps, so I created a plus size workout video for you showing my swim routine.

5 Reasons You Should Try the YMCA

Living in NYC there are so many gyms! Cheap gyms, fancy gyms, specialty gyms… the list goes on and on. If you’re looking for a gym in New York City (or wherever you live) I highly suggest that you check out the YMCA. Here are five reasons why I adore the YMCA: 1.) Financial Assistance If fitness is a priority for you, money should never be an obstacle. The YMCA is one of the more affordable gyms that still has all of the amenities I need (steam room, sauna, towel service, etc.). and here’s the amazing part. If the standard rates are still a bit too high for you, the YMCA provides financial assistance. Pretty cool, right?

The NutriBullet LEAN challenge!

The holiday season is always rough for me to navigate. There’s such an influx of parties, wine, sweet treats and indulging and by the time I fly home I find myself feeling a little lethargic. It’s so important for me to listen to my body. Around December 15th I knew I’d been indulging more than usual. I could feel my energy levels were a little low. I had a few breakouts along my jaw line and my cycle was a day late (which may not sound like a big deal, but when I’m in a healthy groove my body runs like clockwork). One of my healthy living strategies when I feel this way is to flood my body with nutrient…


#BodyPositiveWorkout with Swimsuitsforall & Aqua Studio New York

So, I had this idea to do a Body Positive Work Out. I wanted to bring women of all shapes and sizes together to do a workout without judgement or gym-timidation. Sometimes it’s easier to grab my girls to get cocktails than it is to get them all together for a workout, so I knew I had to make this Body Positive Workout a good one. The Work Out The first thing I had to do was choose an activity for us. I decided that a spin class in a pool would be different and fun, so I booked a few bikes for Aqua Spinning at AquaStudioNY. “AQUA is a wellness sanctuary in the heart of TriBeCa and the unique home to AQUACYCLING…


Five Cute Workout Pieces You Need Right Now

There have been so many sign ups for the free 5 Day #HealthyCurvesChallenge, I’m super excited for us all to work together! As with most things in life, the minute we decided we were going to do the challenge, I immediately started planning my outfits. I plan a good workout look just as much as a plan a look for date night or a fashion event. One of my go-to spots for affordable fashion and workout clothes is the plus size section of Kohl’’ve known for a while that Kohl’s had cute stuff, but in the recent weeks I’ve discovered that my new favorite sports bra is sold at Kohl’s and that FILA is making really great plus size workout gear…


5 Reasons You Should Get a Bike

Note: I shot pictures for this post after a 40 minute bike ride, so all the smiles and makeup free sweaty goodness is the real deal! I’ve wanted a bike for a long time, but I was scared! I was scared because I live in NYC and the traffic is dangerous enough as a pedestrian, so the idea of becoming part of traffic with a bike seemed like something only adventurous people would do. I was also scared because my apartment is in a walk up building and bringing a heavy bike up and down the stairs seemed… risky. But over the summer, I kept seeing people on bikes. This year it seemed like more than ever. Cute girls in…


Looking for a Sports Bra for Big Busts? Read This!

Can we talk about sports bras for a second? One of the things I’ve observed is that some of us like our sports bras WITH underwire and some of us prefer our sports bra WITHOUT underwire. Are you Team Underwire or Team no Underwire? I’ve had extra bounce, jiggle and spillage ruin many of my workouts. Not to mention the strange contraptions I’ve created for myself that included my regular bra with a flimsy sports bra layered over it. The combination of being active and having large breasts shouldn’t be a big deal and it should be super easy to find a sports bras for big boobs. Ask any busty girl who goes to the gym where she gets her sports bras…